3 Powerful Men In History That Was Brought Down By Women

There are so many things that happened in the past that are very much insightful that help us be more guided in the present world.

Many stories had been told about women manipulative to bring some might or succeful men down or sometimes helps in uplifting men. But in this article we’ re going to discuss over some men that was brought down by women that was recorded in the past history of the world.

1. Sisera:

In the Bible, Sisera was a known powerful warlord that had led so many war victoriously. He was the Canaanites commander of army as was recorded in the book of judges in Bible.

Sisera met his death in the hand of a woman known as Jael. His death occurs after fleeing from a battle war with the people of Israelites and ran to a Jael house house to ask for water which she gave him milk instead, it made him sleep deeply. As Sisera lie powerless in a couch, Jael used hammer and nailed a peg through Sisera’s heart. Sisera killed by just a woman after escaping from the real battle.

2. Abimelech:

The book of Bible which gathered so many stories of centuries ago recorded Abimelech as of then, the mighty leader of Shechem. Abimelech is a very mighty warrior who never recorded a loose in all his fight according to the Bible story. He was very much popular and fearless as many other leader could not stand his way.

However, when Abimelech invaded a town with his garrant soldiers to destroy everything in the town, a women who was known as the wife of Thebes threw a heavy stone at the king’ s head. After that, king Abimelech was unconscious about to die, he quickly ordered one his guard to kill him before he could give up the ghost, so history would not record that he was killed by a woman. His guard killed him and the war ended. So the great king of shechem was killed by the grinding stone of a woman.

3. Samson:

Samson is known as a strongest man ever lived on earth. He was a very strong being and mass destroyer of soldiers. According to Bible records. Samson had killed thousands of armed men with just a single jawbone of a donkey. He killed a lion with his bare hands as well and so many mighty challenges he encountered. Until was manipulated and used by a woman to bring him down. Samson loose his strength in the hand of a woman after she discovered Samson’s strength in his hair and cut them off.

Though, he was later regain his strength and pulled down a theatre hall that could accommodate 100, 000 people and also died together with his enemies.

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