444 Days In Captivity: See What Happened When US Top Officials Held Hostage By Iranians

Let’ s take a look at the 444 days of Iran’ s hostage, which began on November 4, 1979, with the Iranians holding the top officers and citizens of the United States hostage.

The hostage is said to have been held by the Iranians after a group of militarized Iranian students, specifically Muslim students who are also followers of the imam line.

They took away the U. S. Embassy in Tehran and a number of hostages as well. Meanwhile, the hostage was held for 444 days on January 20, 1981.

The Background Story

From the 1953 coup d’ etat, mark the invasion and battle with the Iranians as well. First, World War II and its events brought about the occupation of both the British and the Soviet government, who invaded the land and took over Iran, making it a two- nation Iran community.

They began with the act of forcing Pahlavi to bring all of his activities into favor of his elder son, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

They were strong and well- determined in carrying out their actions and also claimed to have put a stop to the Shah’ s petroleum business along with the Nãzi German leaders.

Really, he might be great, but he is still subject to the authority that has over him, which is the very act of the British leader.

At this point, the reason for the Iran invasion of the Soviet government comes, which was the refusal to join the body that trained the Soviet troops and the declaration of its nation’ s neutrality as well.

Though the United States had no role in supporting Iran’ s invasion of the Soviet Union, it was also not their war. But it served as a room to support and secure Iran’ s independence immediately after the war, with the help of intense diplomatic pressure mounted on the Soviets to withdraw from the war around 1948.

Moreover, the United States was in support of the Iran government, which was a monarchy system of government, which was the result of the oil benefit the Iran nation had from the United States.

Aside from that, the CIA and the Mi16 were heavily involved in pushing Iran’ s prime minister, Mohammed Moseddagh, into a serious military coup d’ etat, condem operation Ajax.

The Iranian police, having secretly been trained by the CIA, as well as resulting from the cold war that affected both the culture and their relations with the Americans, as well as their economy, were said to be over looked and over looked when they had no United State power looking after them.

The Attempt To Make Hostages

However, Iran may as well state the two basic attempts that resulted in their attempt to take over the US hostages, which began with the first on February 14, 1979, when an organization of Iranian people fedai Guerillas stormed the US Embassy in Tehran after shooting numerous bullets on the vehicle and fleeing with a Maurine named Kenneth Kraus and others who were under the control of Ambassador William H. Sullivan, who surrendered all the hostages.

However, with the help of the Iranian prime minister, who admitted to the situation and asked for the return of the hostages, especially Kraus, who had already been tortured, wounded and had suffered much in their hands, all were released within three hours.

When Maurine was first brought to trial, he was convicted of all the charges brought against him and was scheduled to be executed, but thanks to the assistance of both the Carter administration and Sullivan, he was able to forcefully speak of his release as well.

He was released within six days, which became an incident that happened on Valentine’ s Day. During his release, four Americans were said to have been killed, one of whom was with him.

The Second Attempt

After the first attempt, the Islamic association, in cooperation with a student named Ephraim Asgharzadeh, planned with the Islamic head in all universities with a recognized name, Islamic student followers of Imma Line, along with the University of Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, Amirkabar University of Technology, and lastly, Iran University of Science and Technology, as well as the Tehran Polytechnic, over the capture of the United State ambassador, having the United States as their main target.

Asgharzadeh said, ” Our aim was to object against the American government by going to their embassy and occupying it for several hours. ” ” Announcing our objections from within the occupied compound would carry our message to the world in a much more firm and effective way. “

This was his view point while carrying the operation over the United States. At this point, it mounted fear for the Iranian leader, who had no idea of what the student was after and was scared of having the student change what had been with the United States, being Ayatollah Khomeini, which meant that all under him could go with his own order to restore the state back, including Khomeiniha, who was to be the head of the student’ s takeover of the United State Embassy.

The Takeover

In an upset of history, Ayatollah Khomeini, who was appointed as Iran’ s provisional and had trained his own Iranian students over the takeover, ordered an invasion of the United State Embassy, having them gathered in hundreds to carry out their operation.

While the United States ambassador was busy inside, a female student from the Rebell was asked to cut the gate key with a cutter she had hidden in her body and give them access to the United States.

When this was completed, and before the arrival of the peacekeepers, Iran took about two American ambassadors hostage by blindfolding their eyes, while others escaped, including those who joined the British Embassy.

It was also said that most of the workers in the embassy were later rounded up and packed by the Islamists and returned as hostage.

Another was the rescue of two American ambassadors that had escaped through the help of the British Embassy, who transferred them first to the Canadian Embassy through the use of a Canadian passport and then to Swedish as well.

A document discovered in the Embassy

While Iran was making hostages of the United State Embassy, they discovered a document which had been a major secret through which the United State Embassy was planning to change the Iran Regime and takeover the country.

This was also where Ayatollah Khomeini called for a street demonstration. It was really a thing to look into in Iran, I believe.

Release Of Hostages

Meanwhile, the capture of the hostages didn’ t stop the unity bond with the United States; rather, it created a very strong unity, which led to a complete negotiation sign by the newly appointed Algiers on January 19, 1981, which brought about the release of the 52 American hostages on January 20, 1981.

They were released with the support of the Algerian government that provided assistance to their rescue after Ronald Reagan was sworn in.

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