Ark Of Covenant: The Powerful Box Where God Dwells

Ark Of Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is a coiled document commandment given to Moses to the Israelites containing laws that are to guide and keep relationship with the Lord while moving to the promised land. However, it is a constructed wooden structure and is usually carried by men who are satisfied and have saddled with responsibility. It is one of the most holiest figures in the Hebrew bible, the most holy, whose sense of holiness could kill a man not set to handle it as a belief creature. Aside that, it was unlawful for the Nazis to have it, yet that isn’ t the secret behind the ark of covenant.

Then What Is The Ark Of The Covenant?

Remember, the ark of the covenant is not the ark of Noah, rather it is called the ark of testimony, which was a moveable sanctuary for the people of the Israelites. It was believed to be the Lord’ s resting place until they took it to the promised land, where he could have a full temple to place it in. It was covered with cloth and skins hidden from the priest who carried it and lifted it by pole not to touch the ground. Furthermore, it was also covered with gold and a gold ring at each corner of the acacia wood. The above mentioned wood was used to hold it.

Contents Of The Ark Of The Covenant

On the same mountain, Sinai, God gave Moses the clear illustration of what the ark of covenant should be, its construction and all manner of materials needed to fulfill it. The dimensions of which it was measured are roughly 4. 5 feet by 2. 5 feet by 2. 5 and the whole thing is covered with a gold ring at each corner. The first paragraph leads us to the major content of what goes into this box. It contains a full pot of manners, which was the food the Lord provided for the Israelites while they were hungry and wanted to stone Moses to death. Sometimes, people who had viewed this ark explain that it contained the rod of Aaron that miraculously grew flowers and almonds in the book of numbers.

In spite of this, the high priest was permitted to go into the tabernacle once a year when it was time to offer sacrifice to the lord, and at that point, the lord could actually show up around the tabernacle. Still on its content, the ark has a lid known as kaporet in the Hebrew language, meaning stone, which is related to the Jewish Day of Atonement, but has a full translation in English as propitiatory, a mercy seat. The Bible describes it as a place where God was due to speak to Moses, including the execution of justice as well.

The Miraculous Power Of The Ark Of The Covenant

Since the ark of the covenant was a place where God dwell to interact with his children or pass judgment, it is considered to have a broad of significance to the children of Israelites and the miraculous performance of its present.

However, the bible shows it to possess great power to destroy the enemies of God or remove obstacles that stand between his chosen children. It is a defense and strength for God’ s people. This act is illustrated after the death of Moses and the penetration of the children of Israel into the Promised Land by Joshua rather than Moses, who didn’ t enter the Promised Land as a result of failing to work on an instruction given to him by God.

History made us understand or have a clear view of the miraculous wonders of the ark when Joshua placed the ark on the red sea, which parted the water just as the rod of Moses did. Likewise, the ark was carried around the city walls of Jericho, which contributed to its downfall, as the song goes. Another marvelous part of this is the death of Beth- shmesh, the death of a thousand people who looked at the ark out of curiosity. What about the man who reached out his arms to hold the ark when it was about to fall?

We were told that he never lived to tell the story, meaning that he was struck by the ark by divine fire. Again, the smashing of the Philistine when it was stolen by the same Philistine tag as the enemy of the Israelites during a battle.

Meanwhile, they succeeded as the lord was angry with his people over their sin. The Israelites thought that the ark could help them, but usually not until it became powerless or failed to do as usual. As a result, the lord saw all it meant to save his present from the Philistines when they stole it and took it back to their country, where it was placed in the temple of Dagon but didn’ t fit to share glory with Dagon.

Therefore, it was destroyed at midnight, and the Israelites were asked to receive it back without a battle encounter. As a result, there is much to say about this, but in terms of meaningful content, we move further to discuss.

While walking in the desert, the lord himself could use the structures and materials made in art, such as the forming of two sparks between the Cherubim of the seat of Mercy, which would clear the path of snakes and, with its smoke, provide an adorable perfume that smelt the whole world. Besides that, the ark was said to have a full set of materials mentioned in the Bible, such as his hat, robes, and shoes, and, as such, has a status structure that stands the chance of being the head of a cat with two wings, with the ark rushing towards God’ s enemies and assuring the Israelite victory.

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