Ashmolean Museum: The World First University Museum

Oxford University has one of the oldest museums in the world from which people have benefited, especially those who have attended Oxford University. The museum is therefore called the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, and it is the world’s first university museum, opened in Oxford, England.

The Museum was built on May 24, 1683 and was named in respect of Elias Ashola, who was behind the cause of the building. It was designed by Thomas Wood.

The museum contains many beautiful objects and art collections. This was in a collection with different hands that contributed both financially and creatively, including painting.

Among the items in the Oxford Museum are recorded still-life paintings, drawings, a violin, Arab ceremonial dress, prints, and ancient Greek measurement tools; these were the works that needed questioning, as done by Guy Fawkes Lantern and Alfred Jewel, including the Pissarro Family Archive and Olivia Cromwell.

Almost all the artwork done in this museum was designed and structured by better hands, to the extent of producing sculpture.

What Really Was The Use Of The Museum At Oxford University?

Due to the fact that the museum was built within the university, it is often used while teaching, such as the use of art work to demonstrate practical aspects of a course and to carry on investigation.

This can easily be carried on in the museum’s main arthaeology, which contains the remains of Arthur Evan alongside other Greek glittery pottery. Because it contains these, the museum is often available for those that want to tour around it to see the magnificent aspects of the building.

In other words, the remains of the drawings and part of the Egyptian culture were designed to be kept inside the museum, where, as part of it, mummies are still found.

The Stolen Remains Of Ashmolean

One of the events that occurred in the museum that can’t easily be seen or figured out on site is the fact that the museum was once attacked by robbers who laid their hands on numerous treasures found there but did away with the C├ęzanne landscape painting, which was believed to have been much used and regarded among the precious materials found in the museum.

However, the event took place on December 31, 1999, during the Millennium celebration in England. Since then, little has been said about its recovery from those who made away with the treasure.

Besides, technology has also contributed to its low recognition, which therefore has made it an old museum that has been covered by an advanced museum with new technological treasures inside the scene.

Touring Around The Museum Isn’t Free

Britain’s first established museum, which has its part in Oxford University, many witnesses have written back that the cost of living and maintenance in Oxford University remains costly and that seems to affect those who would want to tour around the museum, along with others featuring others that have been built in the university since newly technological museums that serve the 21st century have been installed there for the benefit of the whole student body, not just art and archaeology anymore, but science and other relevant courses in the university.

However, with the cost of living and maintaining an Oxford University campus, touring the museum would also necessitate financial involvement, which would be used to maintain the new and ancient treasures found in their location. The fact is that many of those who will be able to tour the museum will have great fun and merriment taking photos of the treasures found in the gallery, both inside and outside the building, where they can be seen.

Other Advance Museum And Tourist Building That Have covered The Ashmolean Existence

Well discussed at the middle part of this article, Ashmolean that was design by Thomas Wood has turn to be a old fashioned Museum with artwork and archaeology treasure material succeded with the establishment of Science Museum which served must science student of the University a greater chance of research, Pitt River Museum, this is the second of Ashmolean that compromise the both natural treasure and the man made found in it as well as to serve researchers a better chance of research.

The Bete collection of musical instruments, as a advance Museum that serve the music school better, it has major collection of musical instruments in it usually used for practical and find to those who tour around the faculty.

The Bodleian Library and Weston Library, the library called for Wander, seeing the structure and the design that have served Oxford better in line with the United Kingdom. The Christ Church Picture Gallery, established for a long time with much architectural work done in it, such as the paintings, drawings, and designs of natural and still life, is all open to those who want to tour around the museum and the buildings surrounding Oxford University and other parts of the world.

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