Asmat: Where Eating Human Being Makes People Become A Real Man

Asmat: Where Eating Human Being to Makes

The Asmat people were located in New Guinea, in the Papua province of Indonesia. The meaning of Asmat is often disputed with so many claims, as some claim that it means man from tree, while her neighbours, the Mimika, say the name means man- eater, but the Asmat people refer to themselves as Asmat- ow, meaning real people, according to the guardian.

From findings, the Asmat inhabits a region on the island’ s southwestern coast that borders the Arafura Sea, with land totaling approximately 18, 000 km2 (7, 336 mi2), which consists of mangroves, tidal swamps, freshwater swamps, lowland rainforest, et al.

The land of Asmat, according to Wikipedia, ” is located both within and adjacent to Lorentz National Park and World Heritage Site, the largest protected area in the Asia- Pacific region. The total Asmat population is estimated to be around 70, 000 as of 2004. “

The name ” Asmat” is basically used to refer both to the people and the region where they live. Their practicing tradition is one of the most well- known traditions in the world pacifically, and their art is sought by collectors worldwide.

They were well known for practicing human cannibalism.

Now, What Is Human Cannibalism?

However, human cannibalism is the practice of human flesh consumption or eating the internal organs of human beings. A person who practices this is called a cannibal.

It has had its branch explanation in Zoology as the eating of all parts of another individual of the same species for food and s*xual cannibalism.

It has been practiced by individual groups and was practiced by humans in prehistoric Europe, America, and South America, apart from the fact that many countries in Africa have practiced such acts irrelevant to human expansion.

This article will help you understand how proud and happy cannibalism is, and could make you a real man.

Asmat The Tribe Where Cannibalism Makes You A Real Man

In New Guinea, in the Papua province of Indonesia, live the Asmat people. The Asmat- ow, meaning real people, are made up of 12 sub- ethnic groups with over 100 villages and their people live in a place that is largely unexpected. People in this Asmat are known for their hunting of human beings with the use of wood carving and sculpture.

Not until the 1970s, the Asmat tribe was still unable to reach civilization with the western world, but was impacted by a few missionaries. They used knives, axes, and other metal items. Haven a wooden canoe carving and figurines of ancestors.

They Are Deeply Religious People

In Asmat, the human head is placed on the tree and was considered as a tree fruit and used for ritual rites. During initiation, the head is placed between the thighs of the intended initiate to gain power. As such, they exalt the great belief in power obtained from the human body when eaten.

Part of the human head was so powerful and useful to them in the sense of cutting off a deceased head before burial and using it as a pillow. Once a man died untimely, it was considered to be killed unnaturally.

However, once this occurs, it incurs vengeance on the cause of such death. To fulfill the ancestor’ s demand for justice, could often be drawn by containing the ritual calendar and assigning headhunting and revenge missions. The slaughter of their enemies was a sign of honor to their kinsmen who could eat and get satisfied.

Aside from that, they lavished their blessings on them. Nevertheless, this ritual act and human consumption are done with the help of strangers and enemies around the neighborhood. The heir to Nelson Rockefeller, Michael Rockefeller, fell victim to this notorious belief after a visit to the Asmat tribe.

Strategy To Claim Or Achieve Their Aim

During an assignment to hunt human beings around the river, houses were built which could easily help them to capture enemies, attack and eat up their jaws. Without doing this, no one is known to be powerful and capable of surviving the strategies and intimidation of others. In conclusion, real men are known after eating human flesh.


The Asmat people were highly primitive because they were not civilized like most other regions. It was because Asmat’ s first encounter with European people was with the Dutch, in 1623. However, until the 1950s, their remote and harsh location almost entirely isolated the Asmat from other people. It was not until the mid- 20th century that they came into regular contact with outsiders.

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