Bellavian: See How One Soldier Wiped Out The Entire Enemy Squad In History

Bellavian History And How He Killed The Squad

Bellavia was born on November 10th, 1975, and he was a United States Army soldier who won numerous awards for his victories, unsupported by any.

In July 1999, he joined the United States Army and deployed to Iraq after serving in Kosovo, while the actions which led him to be the winner of the Bronze Star Medal took place on the day of his birthday, as he was 29 years old.

He was a member of a Company which was a group shared among armies on setting out victories, him and his Platoon were assigned during an operation in phantom fury to make ride of a great building filled with the Fallujah squad leading to the destruction of house to house penetration in order to gain this done as 1 infantry division, while doing this on arrangements of their weapon, Bellavia mistakenly shoot an insurgent on the shoulder who later force Bellavia to take his life since he have lived in pain after the mistake but Bellavia allowed it to be done on the second shooting of operations when another insurgent began to fire as well.

Other Legacy And Honor

Sargent Bellavia as it is called became the first military who have lived to received the medal honor in the United State history in 2019 and as the medal of Honor action film in line with the first being John A Chapman who was also honor the award for his action in Afghanistan in 2002, this means that he was the only military to gain this great honor before Bellavia spring up.

He was the vice chairman and the co- founder of Vets for freedom and had attended the 2006 state of union address as the honor guest. currently president of empack American that stands as the American energy resilience organization based in Elman, new York.

Bellavia End Of Political Interest

Moreover, Sargent Ballavian is married to a well television news reporter Deanah king and had three children with him. He is the fourth youngest son burn to his family Dr. William D Ballavian and Marilyn Brunacini, though he have a great recognition in every of his encounter with people, he have also lives to gain honor to his country the United State of American that are in return reward him with great madel alongside with the physical presentation of present by the former American president Donard triumph the Hero leader of American, Ballavian is as well a great soldier.

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