Bhutto: See How The First Powerful Woman Leader In A Muslim- Majority Country Was Assassinated

The story of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is not a new story today as it spread like wildfire when the news of her assassination hit the media, causing lots of stir to an extent.

If you are familiar with Pakistan or Afghanistan, you will know that the need for peace there is great, and the constant violence there is no longer news, so having someone killed there comes as no surprise or news at all, as that is one of Pakistan’ s most well- known characteristics. Let’ s look at who Benazir Bhutto was and how she was killed.

Who Was Benazir Bhutto?

Born in Pakistan on the 21th of June 1953, Benazir Bhutto was a well recognized and famous Pakistani politician known to have served as the country’ s ‘ Pakistan’ s’ 11th and 13th prime ministers, respectively, between 1988 to 1990 and 1993 to 1996.

Benazir Bhutto was believed to be the first ever woman in a Muslim- majority country to lead a democratic government, as that was an unusual thing to see in Islamic countries.

Before her assassination on the 27th of December, Benazir Bhutto was married to Asif Ali Zardari, and together they had three children. Now that we have seen a bit of who she was, let’ s get a better picture of how she was killed.

How Benazir Bhutto Was Assassinated

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on December 27th, 2007 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It was gathered that Benazir Bhutto and her rival, the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party leader, had been campaigning ahead of the forthcoming January 2008 elections.

During the campaign and after a political event at Liaqat National Bagh, was when the happy campaign turned into a bloodbath, shot fire were fired at her in an attempt to kill her, and when it felt like that was not working, a suicide bomber was seen approaching her, after which she detonated the bomb shortly afterward, killing her and other people who were there.

According to photographer John Moore, who works for Getty Image, it was believed that Bhutto was seen waving to supporters through the sunroof of her car before collapsing inside after three gunshots. Before the detonation, the killer fired three gun shots at Bhutto, according to the Times of India (video no longer available via India Times)

On YouTube, a number of videos have surfaced, although it’ s difficult to verify sources.

At 18: 16 local time, she was pronounced dead at Rawalpindi General Hospital, alongside twenty- three other people. Though an argument erupted as to what really killed her.

Despite initial rumors that she had been injured by shrapnel or gunshots, the Pakistani Interior Ministry first reported that Bhutto died of a skull fracture sustained when the blast caused her head to strike the vehicle’ s sunroof. Bhutto’ s aides disputed this version of events, claiming that she was shot twice before the device was detonated.

Her Request For Security

After Bhutto’ s death, it was revealed that the mother of three had requested security after she and her husband narrowly escaped an attempted bombing which claimed the lives of 180 people.

Following the bombing, Bhutto and her husband requested increased security from Musharraf, including tinted windows, bomb- detecting jammers, private guards, and four police vehicles. Three US Senators shared these sentiments in a letter to Musharraf.

Bhutto’ s allies and the Pakistani government disagree about whether she was properly protected. Bhutto also urged the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Britain’ s Scotland Yard, and Israel’ s Mossad to help protect her some weeks before her killing, according to the Israeli publication Maariv.

Israel had not determined whether or not to send assistance since it did not want to irritate Pakistani ties with India.

Bhutto also tried to hire private security guards, contacting Blackwater in the United States and Armor Group in the United Kingdom. The Pakistani government, on the other hand, refused to issue visas to the foreign security contractors. Despite this, Bhutto received private US intelligence on threats against her from American officials.

President Musharraf denied that Bhutto should have had better security after her assassination, claiming that her death was entirely her own fault because she took ” unnecessary risks” and should have fled the rally sooner.

In Conclusion: only if she was granted her request and given the security she needed. Might she have been able to escape the assassination?

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