Born At 5 Months, Model At 15: Lady Tamara Releases Stunning Photos to Kickoff Career

15-year-old teen model Vogue Tamara Aghadiuno who goes by  Lady Tamara professionally has kicked off her modeling career with stunning photos, prompting questions on how long she can go. Born in the United States of America, Lady Tamara said the new photos make her see things differently having gone from wearing trash bags, bodysuit, and an Ankara outfit that depicted her as an African queen as well as showing off her Nigerian root.  Lady Tamara who was born a micro-preemie at 24 weeks (5 months gestation) to Nigerian parents, had doctors declare that she would never walk years after, and had since then overcome the circumstances to where she is today. “I always remember how emotional this makes my mum, yet it is one of her favorite winning stories and she has always been here for me” “Being born a micro-preemie at 24 weeks should devastate every mum and I remember her saying that doctors said I can never walk after running series of tests on me” “I grew up along these circumstances and I am here now, trying to live this dream.” “I want to be actively involved in the industry; I want to learn; I want to work and I want to win for everyone who believes in me, especially my mum”, she said.  Lady Tamara said that she has always wanted to be a model as a kid and is glad that she is doing it now after working with photographer Katie Parker Rixon and make-up artist  Kevin Freiberg on the photoshoot in Georgia, United States of America. Follow Lady Tamara on Facebook and Instagram via @LadyTamaraOfficial.The post Born At 5 Months, Model At 15: Lady Tamara Releases Stunning Photos to Kickoff Career appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog. Source

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