Burnett: The Man Who Planned To Ban Blacks In California (VIDEO)

Blacks In California

It is no secret or news about the brutal and unimaginable pain that blacks living in the western part of the world had to face before they were liberated and saved from slavery. There is, however, a list of famous men known for their major role in the persecution of black people, and Peter Burnett’ s name is absent from the list.

Who exactly is Peter Burnett?

Peter Hardeman Burnett, an American politician, was the very first man to be elected governor of California and also the very first to resign from office. His tenure as the Governor of California was said to have lasted between the 20th of December 1849 to January 9th, 1851.

He was born on November 15, 1807, in Nashville, Tennessee.

What he did was

As previously stated, Peter Burnett was the first elected governor of California in 1849, and upon taking office, he immediately addressed his fellow legislators about the place of black people in California. He further spoke about how he saw no future for blacks in California.

Despite the fact that the state of California initially agreed to prohibit the act of slavery among blacks. Peter Burnett continued to oppose blacks residing in the state of California. He further went ahead to speak about how he felt giving blacks the privilege and right to live amongst them would turn out to be a regrettable action.

He went on to say that it would be a severe injury to us. . . because they were born here and had acquired, I would not advise anyone to expel them. The goal is to keep them out.

In his quest to make California a free black state, he had others who shared his vision and were willing to support him.

Throughout Peter’ s tenure in office, California legislators fought so hard to exclude and stop free blacks again and again.

In light of a bill stating that ‘ the association of black with white would make them proud and very dangerous’ was brought by Isaac Allen, but after a while, the bill died in a committee and the Californians were faced with a fear of the Chinese, thus making the ‘ free black people again and again’ safe for the most time.

Watch of how California was created below video

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