Charles Manson: Story Of A Powerful Cult Leader Who Started Killing At Very Young Age

Charles Manson: Story Of A Powerful Cult Leader Who Started Killing At Very Young Age

Charles Manson is a very well- known mass murderer and cult leader. As already stated in the heading above, he had a record of leading an extremely dangerous group and causing a lot of deaths. He is one murderer you would definitely want to learn about and what made him do what he did without any regret.

Who Was Charles Manson?

Charles Manson Maddox was born on the 12th of November 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U. S. A. He was born to his mother, Kathleen Manson Bower Cavender, and his foster father, Eugene Williams Manson, after his biological father, Colonel Walker Henderson Scott Sr. He abandoned his sixteen- year old mother after he learned that she was pregnant with him.

Charles was recorded moving to different places and his mom was always divorcing and remarrying. Later on, he was asked to stay with his aunt while his mother served her jail term of two and eight years respectively. After his mom was released from prison, he moved back to stay with her in Indianapolis.

Charles Manson’ s First Crime Ever

At age 9, Charles admitted to having set his school ablaze and getting into trouble countless times for little thefts he had been involved in.

Seeing how bad he was getting, in 1947, his mother put him in a Catholic school at age 13 where boys who got into trouble like him were put.

He narrated how the school was so severe in their punishment that the tiniest thing which could normally be overlooked was punished by being beaten with a plank of wood. When he couldn’ t take it any longer, he finally escaped and moved to Mcmechen, where he went to stay with his mother for Christmas and then with his aunt and uncle. After a while of staying with them, his mom took him back to Gibault, where he ran away again.

Ten months after his return, he didn’ t run back to his mom, but he began staying in the woods and then under the bridge and shelters where he could find.

In 1948, he committed his first crime in Indianapolis, where he robbed a grocery store for food, and later began robbing for money and eventually got caught and sent to a school for boys.

He narrated having been r*ped and beaten severely before he ran away with two other boys from the school for boys and went deep into robbery and later teamed up with his uncle, who was also an experienced thief, to rob more. He was later caught and jailed for a job he had gone to where he had stolen a car.

Manson Cult Formation And Murders

Before his discharge and release from jail in 1967, Charles began gathering people, most of whom were women, to form a group he called the Mason Family. Haven formed his own Manson Family group. In August 1969, he began instructing and ordering them to commit murder, theft, assaults, and other crimes punishable by the law.

In no time, they were, however, caught and convicted of the murder and death of about nine people they had killed. Actress Sharon Tate, TeX Watson, Rosemary Bianca Leno, and others were some of the people they killed during their freedom. Charles was also known to have had two children and two failed marriages by this time.

Imprisonment And Murder Cases

Between 1971 and 2017, Charles had recorders of over nine murders and different charges. He was sentenced to death on different occasions, but later changed to life imprisonment.

Between 1980 and 1988, Manson had records of attending different interviews where he was finally said to be someone who was not in any way mentally disturbed, but rather a frustrated person with anger issues and also a violent way of showing his anger.

The Death Of Manson Charles

On the 19th of November 2017, Manson Charles gave up the ghost after suffering from a cardiac arrest resulting from respiratory failure and colon cancer.

It was reported that doctors had attempted to perform surgery on him early in January that same year, but the results showed that his body was too weak to withstand surgery at that point, and so he was sent back to prison where he stayed for some months before finally dying.

In conclusion, Manson Charles was a mentally damaged human who never got the amount he needed as a child and also went through a lot of mental trauma which made him as damaged as he was.

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