Check Out Photos Of People Involved In The Assassination Of Chief Akintola


Chief Akintola Samuel Ladoke, popularly referred to as simply Chief Akintola or S. L. A, He was born into a decent family of Akintola Akinbola, a trader, on the 6th of July 1910 in Ogbomosho in Oyo state, Nigeria.

Before Chief Akintola’ s Brutal Death on the 15th of January 1966, Akintola was an Orator, A Lawyer, Nigerian Politician and An Aristocrat Married to a Faderera Akintola and Succeeded with Five Children.

Akintola later occupied the position of Oloye Aare Ona Kakanfo, The 13th of The Yorubas. Akintola was a man who you might say did so well in building a reputable name for himself.

Over the years, Akintola became a well- known, dignified and principled man who was said to have foreseen the completion of The Obafemi Awolowo University (University of Ife). He was also said to have been involved in the completion and development of other monuments, including The Premier Hotel. It is no surprise why he was often referred to as a Dignified Orator.

Despite all this he had done, Akintola was accused by Chief Awolowo of trying to overthrow and supplant him as leader of the political party group. In the month of May 1962, during a party meeting in the Premier Hotel, a vote of no confidence was cast by the Western House of Assembly as they were bent on removing Chief Akintola. The vote, which of course, didn’ t go well, ended up in Crisis Reports. However, the AG party at that time was divided into two fractions. This action led to a series of crisis in the Western Region House of Assembly. The crisis grew to be a serious one, causing Tafawa Balawa, who was at that time the Prime Minister, to declare a State of Emergency rule in that region.

After a while, in the year 1963, Chief Akintola was eventually restored to power as Premier, succeeding Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He also won the general election for the same Premier position in 1965, but this time as the leader of a newly formed party called the NNDP Nigerian National Democratic Party. Which at that time was in alliance with the NPC Northern People’ s Congress.

Chief Akintola, who by all indications didn’ t not enjoy his newly assigned position, met his loophole on the 15th of January in the year 1966. It was reported that Chief Akintola was killed on the day of Nigeria’ s first Military coup in the Capital of the western Region in Ibadan.

This coup, however, claims the lives of other leading politicians, mostly members of the NPC political party.

Chief Akintola’ s death was a tragic one which left pain in the hearts of so many. It turns out that Akintola was a hero in the eyes of many.

Below are photos of the men said to be involved in the assassination of Chief Akintola.

– Emmanuel Arinze Ifeajuna.

Emmanuel Arinze, a Major in the Nigerian Army and a high jumper known as the first African American to win a gold medal, was born in Onitsha in 1935 and died on September 25, 1967 in Enugu state. He was one of those involved in Chief Akintola’ s assassination.

– Chukemeka Kaduna Nzeogwu.

Born on the 26 of February 1937 in Colonial Nigeria. Patrick Chukuwu Emeka Kaduna was a Nigerian Military Officer and revolutionary known to have played a major role in the first military coup in Nigeria and also known to have had a hand in Chief Akintola’ s death.

– Adewale Ademoyega.

Adewale Ademoyega, who died on the 21th of February 2017, was confirmed to be among the Nigerian army majors who led the 1966 Coup, the very first coup in Nigeria and also the death of Chief Akintola

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