Checkout Seven Of The World’s Top Greatest Tyrant


Before going into the list of the top seven greatest tyrants, let us have a brief detour on what the Word TYRANT really means.

Who is a Tyrant

A Tyrant Refers to an oppressive leader, A crude ruler who is unrestrainable by the law or an absolute ruler who seems to be untouchable by the law and has usurped a legitimate ruler’ s sovereignity.

The seven greatest Tyrants.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

The first name on my list goes to Joseph Stalin popular referred to as ” Man of Steel” . Joseph was bore on the 6th of December in 1878 and before his demise on the 5th of march, Joseph was a Georgian revolutionary and the ruler of the soviet union from 1953 till 1972 where he allegedly served as a secretary of the Soviet UNION and A chairman.

Joseph Known as a very powerful tyrant who some might say step on the dead bodies of his rivals and enemies to attain power. He was also said to have caused massive famines and inefficiency in Soviet Agriculture. Posing as a hero, Stalin had records of being paranoid all the time and purging communist party and army of anyone who dared to oppose a or rebel against him with a total killing of about 750, 000 PEOPLE.

Adolf Hitler

Number 2 tyrants goes to a well known and famous Tyrant, Adolf Hitler popularly referred to as ” Der Fuhrer which is a German Word for ” The Leader” Adolf Hiler was born on the 20th of April 1889 in Australia and died on the 30th of April 1945. But before his death Adolf Hitler was a German leader and also a German Chancellor.

He was most famous for the roles in partook in

– World war I & II

– The Holocaust

– The Blitz

– Nazism

– T4 Program and many other

Hitler was a man with an unchangeable Notion that ” Inequality amongst races, nations and Individuals was unchangeable.

Pol Pot

Pol Pot was a Politician and political leader Born in 1925 in perk Sbov and died on the 5th of April 1988. Before his Death, Pol Pot was said to have had a khmer Rouge government who was led from Cambodia between 1975 and 1979. This period was however seen as a bad period known to have a hight number of 2 million deaths due to starvation or execution or overwork or sickness.

Pol Pot was famously known for his Rigorous and brutal means he used in his attempt to remove Cambodia from the modern Life.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was a Chinese Revolutionary founded or Formed PRC Peoples Republic Of China. Mao Zedong was born on the 28th of December 1893 and died in 1976. Before his death, Mao ruled in China as a Chairman of the Chinese communist party in 1949.

Mao during his days was a big Partaker in the peasant movement. He was such a devoted supported that he organized as associes in 1926 where almost 50% of the peasants joined.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII was born in 1491 and died in 1547. Henry before his death was a King of England in 1509. Henry was said to have began his tyrant activities in 1533 after which he got married to Anne Boleyn.

Henry VIII was most famous for the Cruel and brutal way he treated his subjects and Wives as well. A lot of people referred to him as a hypocritical theoretical tyrant.

Emperor Caligula

Caligula who brutally assassinated at the age of 28 on the 24th of January AD 41 after ruling for just 4 years was a Cruel Ancient Roman Emperor and Tyrant who ruled his subject with cruelty, During his Reign as Emperor, Caligula was said to have killed a lot of people, he was also known for committing adultery and debauchery.

Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar was a Romanian Emperor whose tenor lasted for over 27 years, Augustus was before his death a leader of a tyrant group after the death of Julius Caesar.

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