Coup Speech: See How Babangida Planned To Solve Nigeria’s Economic Problems In Four Ways

Coup Speech: See How Babangida Planned To Solve Nigeria's Economic Problems In Four Ways

Before Nigeria became a republic, the state was run by different governments that ranged from the colonel era to the military. During this period, it was said that most of the military that ruled the country had either influenced the country physically or had caused many of the issues that today have no root of solution.

Among these groups of northern deligates who were military leaders was Ibrahim Badamasi Babagida, with whom we are to discuss his doings and early life. The article was a speech in preparation for General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida as the military head of state on April 4, 1984, while he took over power in Nigeria on 27 August 1985.

Early Life

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida was born on August 17th, 1941 in Minna to the parents of Muhammad and Aisha Babagida. They were said to be in Minna, where Ibrahim was raised. Before attending primary school, Ibrahim was initially thought to have Islamic knowledge from 1950 to 1954. This gave him more time and popularized his ambitions. However, his father was said to be a rich and well- to- doing man, which made him gain ownership of Minna.

Among the following prominent leaders: Abdulsalam Abubakar, Manman Vatsa, Mohammed Mangoro, and other prominent men, those he attended college with at Government College Bidan in 1957- 1962. He graduated and decided to join the Nigerian army on December 10, 1963, after the independence of Nigeria.

This made him witness the declaration of Nigeria as a republic, alongside with his place in a fulfilling career at the Nigerian Military Training College, Kaduna. Aside from that, he received his first commission in the Nigerian royal army as a second lieutenant and regular combatant officer.

Despite the fact that he was ranked by the Indian military army order as N/438 on September 26, where he attended the India military academy the same year, much reputation is given to his achievements as the Nigerian army, even with several ranks from the country and position stability, and at the same time, he gained the favor of mingling with the international army force and was posted as the 1 reconnaissance squadron from 1964 to 1966.

Major Ibrahim Babangida Gave a Coup Speech On August 27, 1985

Before the year 1985, the Nigerian leadership had been under the hand of a Fulani who was by name Muhammadu Buhari, and as a result, the country had been in a collapse of its economy and ruins of political power. , But a new sense of hope was created in the minds of the Nigerians themselves.

Nigeria has since then been under a regime that has continued with the act of districting its people and making them feel as though they are suffering and not liking it. Meanwhile, the ongoing events in Nigeria have already proved that most of the reasons which justify the military takeover of government from the civilians still persist.

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida stresses it out on the tension in which the country is living under the regime of General Mohammed Buhari, the misuse of power, and individuals’ lack of ability to express their opinions even outside their mindset.

Meanwhile, it turned out that Buhari was too rigid and uncompromising in his attitude to issues of national significance. In an effort to make him understand that the country deserved much more recognition and appreciation of differences in most areas, which are in both cultural and individual perception, which only served to improve this main attitude.

Aside from that, he attempted to address the issue that he had taught himself to confront Nigerians in order to create an effective environment for the country and its citizens, with the intention of not allowing an individual to express his or her true self in front of the country.

The Decree Of His Speech

IBB brought out his speech fully using the decree passed on April 4, 1984, where he stated the benefit of such a degree was to excuse everyone from being accused and being punished, which was tagged as the public officer protection against false accusations decree in 8 of 1984, which is here by repealed, making it necessary for those who have been under the detention of this very degree as an act of being set free as well, without any conditions attached to it.

Though the issue of the decree he spoke about was in favour of the government and, as a result, it became a mode of controversy, which required the government to make an urgent change before it got out of hand immediately.

We are subject to the dictates of the general standard of living, particularly the poor living among the rich, who can no longer bear the effects and steady rise of the economy itself.

The scarcity of commodities has increased, hospitals still remain mere clinics, the standard form of education has faded and unemployment has risen to its peak, especially in Nigeria, our fatherland. And much stronger negotiations with the international monetary fund, which today remains the worst.

However, the outcome had a significant impact on the poor in the country, necessitating an immediate change by the government because it speaks against the accused government.

His Speech On The Country’ s Economy

Prior to his speech on the economic development of Nigeria, he outlined the main reasons why most of the increase and proper negotiation with foreign trade had created creable the country and needed to be changed immediately. He therefore brought up the four problems surrounding our economy in Nigeria, which are;

1. A decrease in our domestic production while the population of the country keeps on increasing on a daily basis.

2. Our industry is heavily reliant on imported consumer goods and raw materials.

3. To close gap between the poor and the rich in Nigeria.

4. The largest role in economic activity is played by the public sector, with few concrete results to justify such a role.

While discussing foreign policy, he emphasizes how Nigerians have been inconsistent and incoherent in their foreign policies, which has denied many foreign countries the ability to relate with them and, as a result, has diminished respect and regard for the country. Through the military regime, Nigerians have become a country that reacts rather than taking the initiative and creativity that it should be and doing so. Its African problems and solutions will be at the mercy of its foreign policy.

Stretching the realization of the organization of Africans’ Lagos plan of action, self- sustainability, and constructive co- operation in Africa should be the country’ s primary pursuit in order to attain greatness and display diplomacy.

In which he stated that the economic community of West African states should be reborn with the view of achieving the objective of regional integration. The problem of drought, which is really causing many problems in Africa, should be stretched on and given much concern, assuring the country that he and his members will do all their best to see that it is well taken, and an effort will be made to assist in their rehabilitation within the limit of their resources. Our membership of the United union organization will be made more practical and meaningful.

The call for a new international economic order, which lost momentum in the face of the debt crisis, will be made once again.

Nigeria hereby makes a renewed request to the Non- Aligned Movement to regroup and reinvigorate its determination to restructure the global economic system, while we appeal to the industrialized nations to positively consider the debt plight of the developing countries and assist in dealing with the dangers that face us.

We shall remain members of the various multilateral institutions and inter- governmental organisations which we belong to and do what must be done to enhance our membership and participation within them.

He promised that he and his colleagues would take proper care of unifying the country, as he said thus: ” My colleagues and I are determined to change the course of history. “

This government is determined to unite this country. We shall not allow anything to obstruct us. We recognise that a government, be it civilian or military, needs the consent of the people to govern if it is to reach its objective.

We do not intend to rule by force. At the same time, we should not be expected to submit to unreasonable demands. Fundamental rights and civil liberties will be respected, but their exercise must not degenerate into irrational expression nor border on subversion. A word of assurance to the country.

The fight against indecency will continue, but this time it will be done on behalf of the Nigerian people rather than through symbolism or a money- spending campaign. And the government will ensure that the leadership exhibits, as previously stated.

” This government, on its part, will ensure that the leadership exhibits the proper example. Criticisms of actions and decisions taken by us will be given necessary attention and, where necessary, changes will be made in accordance with what is expected of us. ” All these were his statements in an act of promise while he assumed the office.

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