Female Pope: Story Of The First Female Pope That Was Hidden From Public

Pope Joan

Pope Joan, the female pop star who had gone into hiding. She is the woman who reigned over pop for an unknown number of years during the middle ages. It was really believed in the past but recorded as fiction by most modern scholars. It was recorded in the 13th century and later spread throughout Europe.

She was described as a talented and learned woman who disguised herself as a man, mostly in the form of a lover. Her natural strength and ability won her favor even before she was elected.

Her gender as a woman was exposed when she gave birth during her procession and she died shortly after, with no actual cause of her death, either by murder or by natural death. According to the account, subsequent church processions avoided this location, and the Vatican removed the female pope from its official lists and instituted a ritual to ensure that future popes were male.

In the 16th century, Siena Cathedral featured a bust of Joan among other pontiffs; it was removed after a protest in 1600.

In terms of history, the chronicle was written around 1250 and contained the first named female pop for years, making it the most popular and influential version of Martin of Opeva’ s work.

Martins details in his own way in Chronicle pontificum et Imperatorumm, the 13th century, that Joam’ s name was John Angelcus of Martinz, who reigned in the 9th century, and that she entered church to follow her lover was not accepted as truth until Pop was fully revealed in the 16th century through a widespread debate among Catholic and Protestant writers.

David Blondel, a protester’ s choral, eventually demonstrated the story’ s impossibility. Pop Joan is now widely considered fictional, although the legend remains influential in cultural depictions. Another difference is that the female pop is unnamed, and the events take place in the year 1099. ” Concerning a certain pop or rather female pop, which is not listed in the list of pops or Bishops of Rome, because she was a woman who disguised herself as a man and lost her character and talents, ” Jean stated.

He was a clerical secretary before becoming a Cardinal and, finally, the Pope. One day, while mounting a horse, she gave birth to a child.

Immediately, by Roman justice, she was bound by the feet to a horse’ s tail and dragged and stoned by the people for half a league and where she died, there¬†she was buried and at the place is written ” petre peter partum, papisse prodito partum” , which by interpretation means: Oh Peter, father of fathers, Betray the childbearing of the woman’ s parents. The ” Fast of the female pope” was established at the same time on the fourth day.

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