George Weah: The Only African Player To Have Ever Won The Ballon D’Or, See What He Has Become

George Weah

Football or soccer, as most people would like to call it, is a sport that is widely recognized and known by 95% if not 100% of people in the world, and though it might not be watched by this number of people, it is watched by a large number of people, most of whom are men.

Just like every other sport, the game of football or soccer is a game of competition amongst countries and clubs.

And just like any competition or sport, some special events or awards are usually given to the best club or country, or even football players as an individual, and one of those famous awards or events includes the ‘ Ballon d’ Or, ‘ which, from the sound of it, seems very important and seems to be ranked in a high enough place that it made the news several times.

The most talked- about and historical Ballon D’ or is the one which was won by the very first African man, ‘ George Yeah.

However, before we get into details of our article content, I will like to explain every disturbing questions most readers will like to know and learn from.

Firstly, someone will be asking to know exactly what Ballon d’ Or is? , why is it so important to football players? , and again, who is George Weah? and what is he doing now after his amazing performance in football game? We will be finding this out in a bit.

What Is The Ballon D’ Or?

With the literal translation of the word meaning ‘ Golden Ball’ , the

Ballon d’ or is one of the oldest, most prestigious, and most highly ranked football awards in the world today for football players. The Ballon d’ or is sponsored by the French news magazine France Football and has since begun in the year 1956 till date.

The 65- year- old prestigious football award is so prestigious that only a handful of Caucasian players have been able to win it. That was until George Weah was awarded the Ballon d’ or trophy, thus making him the only African player who had won the Ballon d’ or trophy in the whole 65 years.

Who Is George Weah?

Weah was born on the 1st of October 1966, George Manneh Oppong Weah is a former Liberian professional football player, politician, and the current President of Liberia since 2018, preceded by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

George Weah, as he was commonly called during his glory days when he played as a striker for different clubs in France, Europe, and Italy, was considered and tagged as one of the greatest players of all time.

Dating back to how he began his football career, the 54years old President of Liberia was said to have begun his football career at his teenage age when he first began playing for his home country of Liberia before finally moving forward in his career to playing for other clubs and countries.

The former professional footballer was first signed by popular coach Arsene Wenger, who brought him to Europe and out of Liberia for the very first time in 1988. And by 1995, he was already awarded the Ballon d’ Or trophy and, in 1996, the African footballer of the year.

George Weah has ever since played for different clubs and created a legacy and name for himself. In 2004, he made the list of the top 100 FIFA greatest living players as well as being amongst the players who had scored the most goals during his active years as a professional footballer.

What He Has Become

Due to his performances in football while he was in both Paris Saint- Germain (PSG) and Milan, in 1995 he received several individual awards, according to wikipedia; he won the Ballon d’ Or, the Onze d’ Or, and was named FIFA World Player of the Year, becoming the first and, currently, only native African player, to win these awards.

George Weah is one of the very successful African player whose talent and skills didn’ t go unappreciated by the world. As he is now the 25th as well as the current acting President of Liberia since 2018, as well as the very first footballer to ever be a president.

He is sure doing so well for himself and we hope to see more of him.

Thanks for reading.

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