Greatest Lies Ever Told About Africans

Lies About Africa

Governments of wealthy countries take pleasure in expressing the rich world’ s relationship with Africa; it’ s all about generosity, charity, and benevolence; a story of selfless aid givers helping Africa’ s needy and impoverished people.

According to research, the rich world takes approximately. ) 192 billion out of Africa each year, nearly six and a half times the amount of ‘ aid’ it receives. And reported by some number of UK partners.

This demonstrates that there is an outflow from Africa in a variety of areas. These include illicit financial flows, the repatriation of multinational company profits, debt repayments, skill loss, illegal logging and fishing, and the costs imposed by climate change, which brings inflows such as aid, foreign investment, and remittances.

Africa suffered a net loss of $1 billion per year. Say the truth, the net loss is over one and a half times the amount of money needed to build or deliver affordable health care to everyone in the world.

In order to support the fight against global poverty as a major debate in the UK, it is our duty to support the current debate. Most especially towards our politicians, as they line up to defend our proud record as a donor, with the purpose of political point scoring, which has shifted the charity sector by approving the aid budget, which, by so doing, has reinforced this aid- based perception of our relationship with Africa.

It is obvious that we must recognize that Africa is surrounded by men who are only interested in their own selfish interests; otherwise, where does this charity help Africa or the Africans? ! ! Yes, Africans are not poor, neither are they lazy, but the combination of inequitable policies, huge disparities in power, and criminal activities is perpetuated and sustained by a wealthy elite who have faked their aid by taking more than what they give to their own people.

There are a large number of people in wealthy countries who require assistance from their governments.

The United Kingdom, with the assistance of a tax haven network, is on the verge of eliminating the number of these thieves from the African continent.

Sincerely, politicians and charities praise the rich world for being the savior of the poor on the African continent. Allowing wealthy governments to openly celebrate their generosity publicly, even if they are complicit in the looting of Africans, increases disparities and creates the very poverty they claim to have alleviated through aid.

It is time to fight for our rights, especially now that a general election is approaching, and we and the NGO sector must demand that the major political parties clearly outline how they will address and put a stop to major money looting by African governments rather than seeking aid.

Africa aids the world not the world Africa is time we communicate the truth not lies.

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