Hell On Earth: See The Deadly Hurricane Maria That Rendered Many Lives Helpless

Many parts of the world have faced different kinds of natural disasters both in the past and present.

There are many natural disasters that are beyond human control and they are highly severely for human beings on earth. This kind of natural disaster consumes so many lives and renders victims helpless after its occurance.

However, there was a deadly and unforgettable Hurricane Maria disaster

that happened in past centuries in Puerto Rico that took people’ s lives and rendered the indigens helpless after destroying their properties.

Hurricane Maria Disaster In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, known as the common wealth of Puerto Rico, is a Caribbean island and unincorporated territory of the United state which is located in the Northeast Caribbean sea. And it is a majorly Spanish speaking language but populated by Taino people.

Around the 19th century, a distinct Puerto Rican spark up among the fusion of indigenous African European elements, in collaboration with the Spanish American war in 1898.

The Puerto Rico deadly 19 century hurricane was the hurricane held in September 2017 was Hurricane Maria. It destroyed and rendered so many lives helpless. The Maria hurricane was the strongest storm to affect the island about 70 years ago.

It was the powerful category 5 which started ranging from the third category with a landfall on September 20 with an uncontrolled storm, very heavy rain and wind that measured 100mph stimulated to be 160km/h in speed.

At first, the hurricane beat its starting point on the 16 September, developing gradually and easing not until it burst out rolling around within two days of ranging the storm got to the 5 category known as Maria hurricane 5 miles from the closer to east- southeast of Dominica then reached its peak on 20 September despite trying to be prevented by the resident, it roll 30miles which is 45km south of St. Croix with the highest sustained winds of 175mph(282km/h) but with not less than 900mbar pressure in measured.

How Hurricane Maria Widespread

However, it took Maria about 05: 00 UTC to get to St. Croix. On reaching the island, two of the eye walls around the island were gradually affected, starting from the outer eye wall and the inner eye wall. The outer eye wall hit Vieques, on Puerto Rico’ s eastern coast.

Maria continued entering the territory not until it weaken the 4 category through the eye wall replacement cycle. That was when it fully rained down as land fall in Puerto Rico with it south of Yabucoa at 10: 15UTC, measured wind of 155mph that is 250Km/h and a central pressure of about 90mbar that’ s 27inhg.

However, the Maria hurricane destroyed both government facilities and private homes. It was recorded that the police district were informed about the storm from the national hurricane Center issued on the 16 of September that helped reduce the height of its destruction. Despite that, many still ignored it until it got to their neck.

At first, it destroyed the electric power authority that led to bringing down the financial status of the supply of light. This made them live several years without power supply.

Loses After Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico suffered a lot after the Maria hurricane, ranging from losing their plantation, company employees and bankruptcy, that made them reach $ 74 billion in 2017.

Therefore, leading to a change in taxation policy through the reduction of revenue and establishment of lucrative businesses. Even with that, the unemployment rate is higher than expected.

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