How A 16- Year Old Nigerian Became A Powerful Millionaire That Extends To His Children

Aside from the Dantata Sanusi, there are those who have been keeping shells for their children and growing to have and maintain them, while there are those who won’ t be able to handle them. No matter how large it may be, people still keep their share, depending on the number of children they have.

This is a situation that calls for a will. It is essentially about the share other than themselves. Most children raised with silver spoons end up being treated as slaves simply because they fail to place their share of wealth.

Reasons For Making A Will In Order To Protect Your Shell

When a man establishes a critical business with rapid income and expansion, he or she becomes the focus of everyone’ s attention. At the same time, there will be those who would like to see him die in order to take his position or claim his properties. Therefore, here are reasons why it is mandatory and stated to be available.

It saves loved ones’ time, money, and stress: Far before now, when wills were not written but had to be a gathering of both relatives, which at the same time led to some involving court issues by starting a legal process overseeing the distribution of assets, but with legal will writing down it could cancel and stop this.

Determine who will be in charge of your business: Even before now, there were people who took over their parents’ businesses, which was mainly the first son in some tribe, like Igbo et al, but with will, the man could give it to whom he thought could handle it, among his children. All that he needed at that point was a successor to his plans.

Include instructions for the asset: With a will, you decide how your assets are to be managed, and before that, you could call in the person who you thinks of having the wealth as you go, discuss how the asset is run, and make a better review even without the person thinking of having the will but having the sense and mindset for it.

Here Comes A 16- Year- Old Nigerian Boy Who Enjoyed His Father’ s Wealth And Transferred It To His Children

Sanusi Dantata, the son of a millionaire, continued to maintain his father’ s wealth till date. He is said to be from Kano, where he was born in 1919 and lived till April 15, 1997.

He is a Nigerian as well as a businessman by profession. Sanusi remained the son of Dantata when he fully handled the wealth of his father and grew higher than ever expected as well. His father’ s name was Alhassan Dantata. Firstly, he was the director of the Nigerian branch of Shell (abbreviated B. P) and the founder of Dantata Company and Sons.

He was never a graduate, but was built with a great business orientation from his father, who stopped his education at elementary four since he wanted the best for him, preferring trading to Western education for him.

Although this helped him in the future and, at the same time, made him a successful and great man as well. Aside from that, his father, as at the time when cattle was a place and a stream of water, had much of it, of which Sanusi Dantata was given a share at the age of 16, was purchased in the north and transported to Lagos State where it could be sold for a huge amount of money and profit from, including the trading of groundnuts in the same form.

In addition to what he had gotten from his father’ s share, Sanusi Dantata became much richer when the world began to build upon civilization itself. He sold all the cattle and shifted the money into the building of estates and transporting of groundnuts as early as 1947, before his father’ s death in 1955.

The benefit from his father’ s will among his nineteen children and four wives was so huge that it was estimated to be $12, 000, which he saw as an addition to his business capital in the era of transporting his goods. While he was already wealthy when his father died, the first man to own the groundnut transport license in Nigeria in the 1960s.

His Charitable Acts

Dantata, in his own strength, was charitable, of which he spent about 45, 000 pounds each year building and making his family and friends happy. He used it to revive his relationships and to stand as a helper to them, including with the funding of their children and in- law.

With time, he involved his brother Aminu in the business, which made them richer and higher as they were involved in farming and also selling their products in the city to gain more profit, sometimes storing them in the Dantata storehouse so they could sell them in the future.

His Love For Islam

Aside from his business involvement, Dantata was also interested in his religious aspect. That also made him friends with Qadiryya, who was named Ali Kamasii and supported much of the religious work in Kanu.

However, because it was of two sides, he had a conflict with Nasiru Kambara, the leader of the Quadiryya and the Kano region, who joined the West Africans and was his father’ s former tutor. He tried promoting the religion in a beneficiary way, but ended up becoming a part of it with his friend Kumasi in the early 1970s.

However, Sanusi Dantata’ s wealth has extended more to his children and grandchildren in their business circle as family. Currently, Aliko Dangote who’ s also from the family of Dantata, corrected a loan of $3, 000 from his uncle to start up his business and now the top richest man in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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