How Adaka Boro Was Saved From Execution by General Aguyi Ironsi in 1966

Adaka Boro

Before diving into the details of the whole story, allow us to give you a brief introduction to who Boro and Aguiyi Ironsi were.

Major Adaka Boro.

Boro, as he is or was fondly referred to, goes by his full name, Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. Boro was a Nigerian Army Major, a soldier, a Nigerian Nationalist, and a political activist. Major Boro was born on the 10th of September 1938 in Oloibri, British Nigeria.

Prior to his untimely death at the age of 29 on May 9, 1968, while serving as a Major in Nigeria Army, he was killed in active service at Ogu.

Boro was considered to be one of the pioneers of minority rights activism in Nigeria. The political activist was very active in a lot of things and was considered to be a leader in so many things, such as a university student leader, a teacher, a policeman, and a soldier, e. t. c. . In a nutshell, General Boro was an inspiration and a true leader during his time on earth.

Aguiyi Ironsi.

He was born on March 3, 1924, and passed away on July 29, 1966. Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi Ironsi, who was succeeded by Babafemi Ogundipe, was a Major General and Nigeria’ s first Minister of State.

Aguiyi allegedly began his leadership and ruled from the 16th of January 1966 after he seized power amidst the ensuing chaos following the 15th January 1966 military coup to the 29th of July 1966 due to his assassination by a popular group of Northerner

How did Boro avoid the death penalty?

In 1966, Boro formed and led the Niger Delta Volunteer Force.

In February 1966, after the Nigerian project planned by the Biafran threat snowballed the discontent of the youth of Ijaw, Boro led his group to consist of over 950 volunteers to pull out the Ijaw people from Nigeria under the new state called The Niger Delta Republic.

They were, however, unlucky as their movement was tackled and crushed within 14 days.

After his group was dissolved, Boro Adaka became vulnerable. He and some of his boys fell into the hands of the federal authorities. He was arrested and jailed for treason (which was at that time punishable by death) by General Johnson Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi.

Normally, he should have been executed right away, but for some reason, Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi decided to keep him in prison longer, while Adaka was still in prison awaiting orders to be executed from General Aguiyi Ironsi.

On the eve of the Biafran war, Aguiyi Ironsi was assassinated. Yakubu Gowon granted Adaka Boro a Presidential pardon after his assassination and also assured Boro that his people would be looked after by the government if he agreed to fight alongside federal troops against the Biafrans. Adaka agreed and was recruited immediately and made a Major in the Nigerian Army.

That was how Boro was saved from being executed by Aguyi Ironsi in 1966.

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