How Belgium Cut Off Hands And Arms, Killed Over 15 Million Africans

How Belgium Cut Off Hands And Arms, Killed Over 15 Million Africans

Prior to the Second World War, when a lot of things were said to be done, the black people suffered a lot of losses, starting with the slavery part, which rose in a typical way or manner.

Aside from that, atrocities were committed, including the eating of human flesh, which became a part of the Belgian era, from which we are to learn from the starting point to the origin of the war. Below is a show case of the Belgian lifestyle before history.

Belgium’ s History

Starting with the Leopard King II of Belgium, who turned the entire African continent into black countries, leaving a piece of the mess that has a lot to do with the African country painting it black and white.

After the splitting of African countries among themselves, the Europeans, who today brought much history to the black countries in particular, and at the same time, including the city of Congo, which won’ t be left aside while discussing the mystery of African countries, including the independence state of all African countries, Ethiopia, and Liberia.

Besides them, the rest of the African countries were said to remain colonized and were ruled by Leopard II of Belgium until the 20th century. Congo is an African country that has a history of being covered in tropical forest, which contributes to its nickname, ” the Heart of Darkness. “

This occurred as a result of a combination of backwardness acquired by Europeans during their research and consideration of African countries: the full lack of the Congo, both in terms of existence, geographical era, and culture, including the manner of Belgian King Leopold II.

The African continent had more exposure to early civilizations than the African slave trade, and it was western civilization that brought an end to the African slave trade, establishing the first ancient system of government, which was the monarchy system in all parts of Africa in particular.

When given the opportunity to take over all regions of the Congo territories, if not the entire African continent, he went so far as to hire Henry Mortion Stanley, whom he had saddled with the responsibility of knowing the end of the River Nile, where he expected to gain his leadership and hold the region’ s tide. While trying to preach the gospel, the missionary got lost while trying to preach it.

Aside from that, there were other countries and their explorers, particularly from France and Portugal, who were said to have lived at the back of the Nile, fully aware that Leopard II was the leader of the territories and claiming them as their own.

Life wasn’ t easy for both Congo and the territories, seeing how leopards had pushed them into the territory after the African slave trade, which came with the killing of the black people.

A Country As Private Property

While America remained a superpower country, it got to the point of searching for the main sources of Leopold II’ s game of existence when he claimed to have Congo as his property.

It was stated that it was the king of Belgium who encouraged the Berlin conference and reshaped what Leopold II had done during his reign among the Africans.

With more investigation, Leopard II remains desperate in the aspect of not missing a pen for his target. If not, he wouldn’ t have remained king over an African country where he had much more power in Africa than in his own country.

Again, he exploited the African country, telling the public during the conference that this was ” a fine chance to secure for ourselves a slice of this magnificent African cake, ” as documented in the United States’ record of Congo’ s existence in a book that tells much about him.

This, according to Leopold, was the result of his creating a program (AIA): the African International Association, through which he was able to act as an intermediary between the countries, particularly the Congo Free State, where he had his colony state.

The Economic State Of The Congo

As Leopold II assumed power in the Congo, he became interested in the richest sector of the Congo’ s economy, where he had to force them to accept his own work quote.

He used mercenaries to force indigenous people to work for him, including the extraction of ivory and mining, which boosted his reputation.

Aside from that, his acts of oppression and mutilation led his co- colonial leaders to reject him as well, because he had gotten to the stage of causing the citizens’ deaths as well as the brutality found in his actions.

The Horror

Using the metamorphic as the Congo river by a United States author, who described how Leopold II and his soldiers deal with those that have failed to fulfill or meet up with his expected job description.

The Howeve troops who were sent to supervise and see that the work was well accomplished were given instructions by the leader, Leopold, to have any hand chopped up if found to not have completed the job.

It became a basket for several hands. The troops as well took an interest in chopping workers’ hands, especially those that were found victims of their commander. While reporting back to their master, they report the number of hands gathered in a basket instead of rubber.

With time, the soldiers began to use it as a currency, allowing them to trade with the local Congolese population, buy among themselves, and sometimes have them killed by using the victim’ s hand as proof of incompetence.

Nevertheless, Leopold II, on his part, described not being aware of what was going on during his critics’ attacks, and even if it was done, it should be said that it should not have been done intentionally.

Some historians, such as Adams Hochschild, supported the phrase as well, claiming that the Congo leader did so on purpose, rather than bringing it to the era of Hitler and Stalin, British leaders.

As if it wasn’ t enough, those who were survivors began to move around the European countries, each telling the true story of what Leopold had done to them.

However, it became necessary that he should be published by the United Kingdom, whose power overshadows the Leopold II act, if Charles Stroke, a British citizen, was arrested and jailed for his act in 1895 before his hanging by the Belgian authorities as well.

Leopold II’ s Legacy

Despite the fact that the king was such a wicked being, he was rich but left a part of poverty and hardship to the Africans after he was asked to pay off a fine of 215 million Belgian francs.

Aside from the fact that this increased the country’ s GDP by 70 million dollars per year and 800 dollars per capita after the Congo was renamed the Belgian Congo, this was due to pressure on the Belgian government, which saw it as mandatory that the Belgians abandon the Congo’ s Monarch system of government around 1908, before the death of Leopold II.

However, it finally became an independent state as the Belgian Congo in 1960, with a rank of around 176 in the American index ranking and Leopold II as the 17th king ever.

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