How Coca- Cola Was Invented By A Dying Soldier


The coca- cola drink is one very popular drink sold and drank in many parts of the world. It is one drink many people have grown to like, permit me to say most people have even grown to be addicted to it. As most people clam it has its unique taste and seems to be the best soft drink out of any other. So today we are going to be looking at how the famous Drink was made, who made it, and the circumstance surrounding its creation. So firstly, let us look at the man who invented Coca- Cola.

Who Invented Coca- Cola?


The mastermind behind the invention of Coca- cola is John Stith Pemberton

Born on the 31st of July 1831 in Knoxville Georgia America, John Pemberton was the Original inventor of the Coca- Cola drink, he was also a Confederate state Veteran Army and also a Biochemist who died at Age 57 in Atlanta Georgia in America on the 18th August 1888 after he sustained Sabre wound during a Battle in Colombus.

How Did The Invention Of Coca- Cola Happen?

The whole invention of coca- cola all began in 1865 after veteran solder and biochemist, John Stith Pemberton sustains an untreatable wound to the chest which made him consume lots of pain killers and toxins to ease the pain he felt at that time. Seeing the relief the painkillers and toxins gave him, he soon became addicted to them and couldn’ t do without them.

Knowing it was harmful to his health, John began researching for a way to stop his newfound addiction and also find a substitute that could serve as morphine to ease his pain and still not contain any morphine.

In 1866, John began his first research where he allegedly combined tuggle’ s compound syrup of global flower with cephalanthus occidentalils known to be a toxic plant hidden in the deepest part of the bush. He further went on to create a drink he called Pemberton’ s french wine coke which he claims contained cocoa and kola nut. This was john’ s first drink he sold in Colombia Georgia where a lot of people especially soldiers with depression and anxiety were the top consumers of this product.

In 1888 John decided to make a none- Alcoholic beverage drink with the help of Willie. E, a drugstore owner in Atlanta Georgia.

According to Pemberton, the creation of the famous coca- cola drink was an accident. In his narration on how he made this drink, John claimed he accidentally blended syrup with carbonated water after which it turned out nice and he decided to sell it as a beverage drink which could also serve as a brain tonic with claims that it could help calm the nerves, cure headache and help with exhaustion.

The name Coca- Cola was however given to it by Frank Mason Robinson.

So if ever asked how the famous drink was invented, feel free to tell this story.

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