How Cults Started In The World And Their Mission Before Now

Before finding out how cults first began in the world and their mission, let us take a brief moment to understand what a cult is and their Founders.

What is a cult?

A cult is a method of unusual religious or even spiritual beliefs or devotion directed towards a particular figure or objects.

Cults are known to consist of few members of persons and are most times kept secret as their activities are sometimes offensive and prohibited.

Wikipedia disclosed that ” an older sense of the word cult involves a set of religious devotional practices that are conventional within their culture, are related to a particular figure, and are often associated with a particular place”

How cults began in the world

Dating back to the 1930s, the exact date not ascertained, was when Cult first came into the limelight as religious behavior that was a sociological study. This made it very popular as a lot of people began studying how and why cults were formed.

The Christian religion, however, began an anti- cult movement they titled ‘ the encountered movement’ where they were strongly against cults, labeling them to have Orthodox beliefs. Cults at that time were known to have their members be involved in a lot of violent activities due to the controversy of different anti- cult movements, not only from Christians at that time but from other groups.

This, however, drew lots of attention to them and caused a lot of people to see them as being violent and filled with Orthodox beliefs.

Scholars, however, in their sociological studies, refer to a cult as a social group of people with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices.

This theory or definition of the cult has so far proven to be quite unclear to most people and the scholars on their end have proven to be unable to give a well- detailed explanation as to why they referred to a cult in such a manner.

Though there are other theories on cults and their activities, that of sociological study remains number one.

However, there are some deadly cults in the world that have been in existence since 90′ s till date. Those cult groups have their different founders and beliefs just like some minor ones in Nigeria.

Here are some examples below;

Peoples Temple

The People’ s Temple of the Disciples of Christ cult group existed in America from 1954 and 1978 and was founded by the Reverend Jim Jones.

The cult wasn’ t violent in their actions towards their fellow humanity. They preached a message that combined elements of Christianity with communist and socialist ideology, with an emphasis on racial equality.

Unfortunately, this cult group collapsed on November 18, 1978 after they drank the Kool- Aid ” and died instantly at their event in Jonestown, including the founder.

” Kool- Aid” is a chemical substance that can be used to dye either hair or wool.

Heaven’ s Gate

This was another American religion movement that was described as a cult. The cult group was founded by two people, Bonnie Nettles and Marshall Applewhite, in 1979.

The cult movement was mostly known as ” Ti and Do” . Bonnie and Marshall are great scholars. They described the theology of Heaven’ s Gate as a mixture of Christian millenarianism, New Age and Ufology.

Therefore, their religion (cult) was described as UFO.

Their interpretation of their beliefs was exceptional from other cult groups; according to research, the UFO believed that ” Followers could transform themselves into immortal extraterrestrial beings by rejecting their human nature, and they would ascend to heaven, referred to as the ” Next Level” .

After some years of Heaven’ s Gate existence, about 39 bodies of their active members were found inside a house in San Diego, including one of the group founders, Applewhite, where they participated in committing mass suicide.

Before the incident, their group website was updated with the message: ‘ Hale– Bopp brings closure to Heaven’ s Gate. . . our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion— ‘ graduation’ from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave ‘ this world’ and go with Ti’ s crew “

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