How Gideon Orkar Failed To Lay Vital Democratic Foundation In Nigeria

It had been a long time since Gideon Orkar had died when Nigerians were ruled and directed by military personnel in a series of coups and withdrawals of positions.

At that time, it was known that most of the country under the military rule experienced violence and as well, some captivity. The Nigerian military head of state started immediately after Nigeria gained independence in 1960 down to the time of Mohammed Buhari, the region’ s be in terms of military.

In addition to this, we are to look at Gideon Orkar’ s military era and how he failed during his coup.

The Gideon Orkar

Orkar was born as the 9 child of his family the family of Levi Orkar a teacher of Tiv heritage in makurdi Nigerian, meaning that he was from the family of the black and as well remain an indigenous member of Nigerian rightly from Benue state nigeria, state with the history of agriculture and other functional resources as well, been a Nigerian he attended primary school in the village of apir wadata and extended his secondary school at boy secondary school Gindiri plateau state where he was said to do better before he took the opportunity throw to him as an advertisement on the Nigerian army region.

He joined the army in 1972 and was given the rank of cedet no 628, as usual Nigerian face of army due take their training in kaduna which the same did he attended the Nigerian defences Academy along as the 12 combatant course which he was commission in December 1974 in the rank of second leuterant and was posted to the Nigerian army Armour at Ibadan with which he was able to display his career appropriately without interruptions.

Further more, Ibadan before now had stay to be the most likely city in Nigerian and one among the largest by which people have access on and at thesame time migrated into with some for the purpose of business while others are for the purpose of green pasture. This made him remain for long as he further with the school ahead.

During his service as an Army, Orkar was part of the peacemaker who contributed in Chad 1978, he served in various unit including Reece of kaduna, 82, Div of Enugu and Armoured of Bauchi held in 1986, in continuation to his military era, he attended the course 9 at the command and staff college jaji where armies are build along with the service as commander of Sarki 22 in Oyo state.

At this point, he had been in under the regim of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida through which he was shut at the squad along with his other conspirators on July

22 1990.

What Cause The Coup

Seeing the future, General Gideon orkar had saw tomorrow and decided to set a total freedom against what could happen to Nigerian unborn baby in future, at first tending to quech the fire of corruption after which he made a speech on disclosed of maladministration of Nigerian economic and as well the assassination of Dede Giwe and other officiant armies, prior to the following;

To stop Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida from declaring himself as the Nigerian president in order to maintain the progress of the country forever.

To bring the unity part through which minority can access to the weath of the country.

And to lay a vital democratic foundation for the growth of the country and it federalism.

As well aiming his view as to have a proper government, well conducted election and capable government that could lift the country higher than it expectation along side with the aim of bringing power to the people through democracy. However Gideon was tack as rebel to the government especially the co armies General of his type.

How The Coup Happen

After a brief of what he wanted to implement which was directed by Saliba mokoru a military police officer with the Democratics law who was once the military director to the armies staff a position held as the second chief of army staff at the army head quarter as described but the coup took place exactly 12: 30pm on sunday April 22 1990 at the civilian warehouse in Ikorodo Lagos state. A state own by a great ogbouro indigenous member.

How The Coup Started

Short after the briefly, the coup were said to have step out through a private transportation to secure weapon and as well make hold of those who were there victim which they did by taking control of the military Nigerian police barrack at Apapa.

They set attack on two main area one at the door barrack and the other at the radio, there at the dodor barrack. Former Babangida Aide- de- Camp. Liutenant colony Usman k. Bello was killed where trying to excape the barrack. Further more, the attack on dodan barrack was of two part;

The abolishment of most of the tanked planted on the ground through the used of technical weapon including the removal of the firing pin.

Second was the bombament by Echendu on the main living quarter of armies through which most of the armies and general were killed since their wasn’ t an access to their stafety any more.

How The Coup Failed

The coup failed as a result of the coup not destroying the communication airline that gave Abacha and his son access to secure other royal community, given other remain armies a well equipped war material and as well prepared them for Gideon orkar militaries as Abacha and his son Ibrahim visited the radio house on a pigeo of 504 car with security abound to his protection.

Other reason to it fail where from the rebel especially the misuse of the war weapon used by Emperer who picked the vehicle moved into the barrack in order to shut anything moveable until the fuel got finished.

They didn’ t make a proper plan to attacked the federation of Lagos, in general the mission failed as a result of using the same battle armour to fight Abacha.

In conclusion, Gideon orkar was arrested along with about 41 soldiers who were convicted of treason during the assassination of major General Ike Nwachukwu, was executed the rebels through a firing squad in July 27 1990.

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