How Mayan Civilization Was Totally Destroyed

How Mayan Civilization Was Totally Destroyed

How Mayan Civilization Was Totally Destroyed

Speaking of the most interesting era where culture was on display and the remains of what was part of it are said to be the Mayan culture.

Though Mesoamerica was ruled for about 8 years in America, they left America with a legacy and other systems of culture borrowed from the beautiful ones they displayed during their time.

Their leadership as pre- culobian was from 2000 Bc to 250 as the pre- classic period, alongside with the post- classic period, from 900– 1527 AD.

They exercised their power in America before the conquest of the country, having gained its territories and seeing that their culture was put in place even after their existence. However, let’ s take a look at some facts that make up the culture and their duty during leadership.

Where Did Mayan Culture Develop?

As said earlier, they are Mesoamerican people that dwell in their culture and make progress while displaying it. Apart from Mexico, they occupied the Americans and the extension of central Mexico to the center of the American continent.

They also occupied places like Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize, in the western region of the current territories of El Salvador and Honduras. Even the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Coast, and the Pacific Ocean. You have complete command of the Mesoamerican city.

When Did The Mayan Culture Develop?

While trying to trace the historical development of the culture, it is expected to know that the Mayan culture lasted for over 3500 years, starting from different regions. At this point, they were being guided by the Europeans but later gained their independence, 400 years ago. However,

their existence appears to be in three different periods, starting from the pre- classic period around 2000 BC to 250 AD. They had their first settlement in peace along the Atlantic, developing their first cities, which are: Nakbé, Tikal, Dzibilchaltn, Xicalango, the group of cities that made the culture.

Furthermore, the period was divided into three, which tells us much more about them. and how they were colonized, looking at it in the following phase.

Mayan culture flourished during this period, which lasted until the Middle Ages, when the killing and changing of some political systems came to an end.

The war and the evil that sprung up landed in the favoured northern region of Mexico, so that they even had to empty the culture as well, by impoverishing it.

Apart from that, there are other periods that see interest while discussing the development, which are sub- periods: Early Classic (AD 250- 550), Late Classic (AD 550- 830), and Terminal Classic (AD 830- 950). The last being the postclassic period (950– 1539AD), a period in which the surviving residents or cultural people insisted on living despite their downfall, but not until they were finally destroyed by the Spanish Invaders. were colonized by the Europeans.

What Is The Mayan Culture Famous For?

In terms of the characteristics that define their culture, the Mayans are well versed in agriculture, with their main products being beans, squash, and chili.

They were into the production of salt and the slave trade, and were united in their trade as they grew in it. And when it comes to giving out invoices for goods purchased, one needs to travel down to Nicaragua or Honduras to obtain them since they were the only transaction sizeable in bulk.

It was during this period of trade and agriculture that most of their cities got to know each other and had peaceful business deals. They also deal in artistic formation, having some of the most recognized handcrafts such as the use of jade, wood, obsidian, ceramics, and cave stone in its fullness.

Mayans speak a variety of languages, much like a nation, and are divided into tribes based on the kingdom or state to which they belong. A few of their spoken languages were Huastecan, Quichean, and the Mamean language. They speak it, accounting for their area of dwelling.

Other Aspects Of Their Characteristics Include:

Several aspects which summarized their existence as the Mesoamerican people were their full domination of America at that point. They have excessive growth in agriculture. They believe in different gods, camparing them as living beings. It included the construction of the temple of the gods, as well as the great pyramid, which served as a place of worship. Though they were industrious and full of arithmetic skills used in succeeding in their business, they were good at writing and listening as well.

The Mayan Religion

The Mayans were just like the ancient people who believed in gods’ worship. They were to worship deities if they believed in them. It was very pure, with many sacrifices, beginning with the killing of humans and animals, and other ceremonies led by a priest.

They could please the gods of their land, who were under different names and with different priests and leaders, gods like: Hunab Ku, the main God, creator of all.

Itzamná is the god of wisdom.

Ixchel is a goddess of fertility and water.

Yum Kaax: God of agriculture

Kauil is the God of fire and medicine. Kukulkan is a water and wind god.

Even with the priest, there is a very quick understanding of death in terms of their worship. This was the belief that death served as the intermediary between them and the gods of the land, which is why they are buried under the floor of the house.

Mayan Culture’ s Social And Political Organization

Aside from the emergence of their religion, the Mayans had a way in which they were recognized and respected in terms of rankings, including the priest who intercedes on their behalf, the ruler, the official body, soldiers and warriors as nobility, artisans, marchants, and those involved in business. The slaves serve as the least in the community, followed by the society that burdens the workers with their individual responsibilities.

Despite some political displays, they are generally led by the monarchy’ s leadership. The Mayans live under the leadership of their own appointed leader by the gods, known as the king. And sometimes, there are inter- kingdom wars that result in the defeated kingdom’ s being taken as slaves while the victorious kingdom receives the greatest amount of praise.

Mayan Methods Of Clothing

As the culture existed, they had a particular way of dressing themselves, which was for men to use an underwear pant known as pati. The women wore skirts made of different types of cotton.

As the official appears to be special and different from ordinary people, they could add some perfume, an ornament attached, or a proper headdress that looks interesting.

Arthictecture In The Land Of Mayan Culture

It is necessary to know that this culture built much of America while being Mesoamerican. They used what they found interesting to make temples, sports places, palaces, and places for ceremonies.

The building looked much more beautiful from the outside of the building all the way to its interior. The building was so decorated to suit it.

Mayan Culture: Astronomy And Writing In Mayan Culture

For the aspect of their writing, especially in totla understanding, as applied to some of their vessels as labels or identifications of substances, including the practice of their region, they used hieroglyphic writing, which generates them with the Isthmic writing system where they align words in parallel form.

However, their system of astronomy was basically based on the sun, moon, Venus, and stars, which they used to indicate festival days and years.

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