How Mayor Roswell Mason Became A Hero

This is probably the first most of you might hear the name ‘ Mayor Roswell Mason’ and I bet the billion- dollar question running through your mind is who is he and why is he being tagged a hero. Well, without much waste of your time, I will dive right into it.

Who is Mayor Roswell Mason?

Born on the 19th of September 1805 and died on the 1st of January 1892, Roswell B Mason was once the Mayor of Chicago, preceded by John B Rice and then an engineer.

Roswell was said to have worked as an engineer for several years and even had records of working on the Chicago River to ensure the cleanliness and ecological wellness of Lake Michigan in Chicago.

This was, of course, before he ran for the post of Mayor in 1869 and won, of course. Roswell was said to have been in office from 6th December 1869 until December 4th, 1871 where he was succeeded by Joseph Medill.

Why Mason Roswell is referred to as a ‘ Hero’

Mayor Roswell Mason, from all indications, was a faithful and dedicated leader who was all about the people, treating people well and ensuring that he did his duties perfectly.

He did good things for his subjects, but this very act of his was the most selfless act he had ever done during his tenor, an unforgettable one at that and this is what made a lot of people refer to him as being a hero.

On the 8th of October 1871, there was a huge fire outbreak in Chicago known to have burned for over 24hours, leading to the death of over 290 people and the destruction of so many buildings and properties as well.

Though till this very day, the main cause of the fire has not been ascertained, the fire caused a lot of chaos, exhausting the firefighters and the equipment the Fire Company had to put out a fire. Everyone was on their toes, working so hard to put out the fire and also

After trying to put out the fire that blazed for over 24hours, exhausted, hungry, and covered in dirt and smoke, the men went back to their homes to rest as they thought they had successfully put out the fire, but by night time, the fire began burning again and this was when Mayor Roswell Mason began showing his heroic act.

Mayor Roswell, not minding the extent to which the fire was burning, set out to his office at that late hour of the night. On getting to his office, he sent out telegrams and letters seeking help from higher authorities.

With the fire growing high and approaching his office and also blocking the way that led to his home, Roswell seemed unbothered as the only thing on his mind was to get help for his people and to make sure that his telegrams and request for help were sent successfully, mind you he was in his early sixty’ s during this great fire.

The next day, with the City still burning, Roswell Mason began addressing the issue of shelter, food, transportation, health, and contribution.

He began delegating people, including military personnel, who would ensure that everyone was fed and treated equally and that the price of transportation or clothing or even food items were not increased from the normal price.

In a nutshell, he was all about making the atmosphere conducive and easy for the people of Chicago to see the stress they were already going through.

This selfless act of his, however, warmed the heart of so many and tagged him ‘ the hero of the Chicago Fire outbreak’ . These days, it is quite hard to see leaders who wouldn’ t flee in times of danger abandoning their subjects or citizens, but The Act of Roswell Mason will forever remain in our heart.

Thank you for reading.

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