How The First Scientist Report On AIDS Was Publish

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, abbreviated as Aids, has existed for a long time and can be contracted through the use of various contaminated objects that have been afflicted with the disease and other factors that are in line with human sexual activities.

This disease has been widely spread throughout the world for a long time, with the belief that an individual can contract it through body contact, hand shaking, and coughing from those who are afflicted with the virus, as they are isolated from having activities done with others, such as eating, gathering, and having things without the fear of contracting the virus. But this ideology changed following the scientific discovery of the primary means of human infection.

The Origin Of AIDS

Before the acronym AIDS, the origin of the virus began as an HIV human immunodeficiency virus that gradually grew until it became AIDs, medically likely to lead to the death of victims. While many scholars and professors tried to carry on research on the causes of HIV, this led to the study of two vertebrae animals, the chimpanzee and the gorilla, by a group of researchers in the western part of Africa particularly.

Based on their discovery, Simia immunodeficiency virus was discovered in chimpanzees after a series of diagnoses by researchers and had a tendency to kill, like Aids. But how does this get to play a part in human activities?

Another thought that runs through their minds is that finally it became known that AIDs was transferred to humans that fed on chimpanzee meat and gorilla meat, even though they were slaughtered and boiled. It can’t stop the fact that the disease can penetrate a man after eating the mentioned animals.

Genetic Studies On The Fact Of HIV’s Existence

Genetic studies were carried out in order to determine the rapid spread of the virus using a sample described as HIV-1 group M, indicating that the disease had a long time to spread from 1884 to 1924, first in central and western parts of Africa as documented, while it gradually made its entrance into the United States, even with the record of high mortality rates from victims, which was well above a million based on the world health organization and the Center for disease control and prevention.

A similitude found to drive the rapid spread of the virus was homosexuality, which is much used by drug users and environmental factors in men’s lives that attract sexual relationships.

The Preventive Method Against The AIDS Virus

After the cause that triggered researchers into looking for both the cause and cure for the disease, it became obvious that the virus isn’t transmitted as humans imagine it to be from hand shake, body contact, or cough from a contracted victim, but rather occurs during blood transfusion as well as the use of AIDs-contaminated strings, including during sexual intercourse with an AIDS-afflicted patient.

However, the preventive measure carried out was made by pharmacists to protect others from the spread of the disease.
Not only that, but it is medically advised to use protective material during sexual intercourse to avoid contracting any of the transmitting diseases, including acquired immunodeficiency disease syndrome (AIDs).

Many countries today offer drugs freely to those afflicted with the disease, which helps to keep them longer on earth.

The First Scientist’s Report On AIDS

As a result of being a sěxually transmitted disease (STD), researchers on June 5, 1982, conducted tests on men who had long practiced homosěxuality, the majority of whom were in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in the United States.

First, as a rare lung infection, medically called pneumocystis carinil pneumonia by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, abbreviated as CDC in the United States, as well as being among sěxual transmitted diseases, it was documented in the morbidity and mortality weekly reports, abbreviated as MMWR.

Due to this, it became widely known that people with Aids were among the victims across the world, as the first scientific report on AIDs was published alongside a cancer report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that was found while diagnosing gays in the laboratory.

Conclusions Concerning the Two Discovered Factors Among Gays

Starting with the discovery of rare lung cancer in gay men, research then concluded based on facts that two factors were likely to be the signs of AIDs in men or that proved one victim of the virus AIDS.

However, there are other signs that contribute to this, but it has yet to be discovered which fever is one of them.

However, don’t forget that it takes time before a victim of HIV/AIDs starts feeling the reaction in their body, likely a period of six months or more, after being contacted with HIV before it turns out to be AIDS.

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