How U. S Government Killed The Leader Of Black Panther, Fred Hampton

Fredrick Allen Hampton was an American activist, a Marxist Leninist and revolution; he became more popular when he was appointed as the Chicago’ s chairman of the IIIinois chapter of the Black party (BPP), also the deputy chairman of the national BPP.

Hampton was born on August 30 1948 in Summit, IIIinois, United state. He spent a little time in Summit Argo before moving down with his parents to Maywood, IIIinois at age 10. His parents were known to be one of the great migrants of African Americans in the early 20th century out of the south.

They were both workers at Argo Starch Company in summit Argo. Hampton was both gifted in academic and social life; he had hoped to play on the field for the New York Yankees. He had an interest in athletics.

He disliked injustice.

Socialist Struggle

Hampton developed an interest in what he called precursor where he could prepare breakfast for the neighborhood. His other thing while still a teenager was that he held a protest against hiring more black teachers and administrators for a homecoming queen.

He graduated from Proviso east high school with great honor and reputation, with an award set before him. He planned to be more familiar in order to use it against police, though his knowledge of the law was used by his follow Black Panthers in police brutality.

At age 18, he started identifying with the third world socialist struggle as well as having ideas about communist revolutionaries Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong. Little did he become popular in the national association for advancement of colored people (NAACP). There he acted the true value of the department as the youth organizer in the west suburban Branch’ s youth council.

Hampton’ s Death

In 1967, Hampton was said to be a radical threat investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who tried to use his activities against the Chicago government in favor of Black Americans through sowing false information disseminated fabricated among black progressive groups and placing counterintelligence operatives in the local Partners.

This led to his death in December 1969, while laying in Chicago’ s apartment he was shot and killed on the bed during a predawn raid by a tactical unit of the Cook county state’ s Attorney office in correlation with the Chicago police department and the federal bureau of investigation (FBI), there was an open fire gunshot by more than 100 armed force order by the law sprayed across the apartment where Hampton lay. Other prominent men who died during the incident were Panther Mark Clark while many were wounded severally.

Investigation Of Hampton And Mark Killers

It was finally concluded by the jury on the reality of Hampton and Mark’ s death as an unintentional act during a formal investigation held by the Cook county coroner held in January 1970.

However, the survivor filled a lawsuit against their killers, including Hampton relatives and Clerk, was concluded through compensation from the city of Chicago’ s, Cook County in line with the federal government a worth of $1. 85 million shared among the victim family.

Aside from that, Hampton was given a befitting burial attended by more than five thousand people. The police labeled his death as a shootout while the black Panthers called it a shoot- in, because many shots were fired by the police in Hampton’ s apartment. Above all, his death was described as an assassination intentionally carried out by the Federal bureau of investigation. Hampton died at age 21 and was buried in Hayneville, Louisiana Cemetery.

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