How Valentine’s Day Became A Love Celebration In February

Valentine's Day

The Feast of Saint Valentine was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 to be celebrated on 14th of February in honour of Saint Valentine of Rome.

However, the feast was to fixed with the motive of love and has since evolved into a cultural practice as well as an annual religious feast.

The History Behind This

The history behind the feast day of Valentine is the stench of Saint Valentine of Rome. Though there is a Saint Valentine of Terni, it has a reputation but not like Rome. The Roman Valentine is said to be the first Roman priest who disagreed with the persecution of Christians in Rome by the Roman empire. He became a martyr in 269 and could be pictured in the calendar among other saints listed by Pope Gelasius I in 496 along with his burial on the via Flaminia, having a viral reputation above Valentine of Terni.

The Valentine feast marked the remembrance of Saint Valentine toward the growth of Christianity that originated from Rome and with a higher rank of commemoration in the calendar of saints in the Anglican Communion, including in the calendar of the Lutheran church.

Aside from being offered a higher rank, an edition was carried on the Roman fixed date of Valentine, which today became a general fixed and accepted date, being February 14, an annual feast in remembrance of Saint Valentine. The Roman Catholics give much regard to his feast, whereby the day is set to have a white and red color placed around the alter if it is a service day. Sometimes a mass will be said in appreciation of his service while alive, even though he had a little reputation for his work.

He remains the most celebrated priest whose service has gained honor or is dated in the calendar compared to the birth of Christmas.

What Led To His Celebration?

Not being a Rome priest alone, but an advocate for the persecuted Christians in Rome, at this point, there were many charges placed against him that led to his imprisonment and persecution by the Romans.

Moreover, his contemporary records were destroyed during the Diocletian persecution in the early 4th century. With him was Claudius, who tried to convince him to convert to Christian paganism to save his life, seeing how tortured he had become by the Roman Emperor Claudius II in prison; but he refused to compromise his faith, and with that, he performed an unimaginable miracle after healing the blind daughter of his jailer, Asterius, who later converted to Christianity.

These led to Saint Valentine’ s execution, facing numerous charges for his belief.

Meanwhile, the evening before his persecution, the first presented gift was a card. It was presented to him by Asterius, his jailer’ s daughter, designed by his jailer. Other charges placed on him were performing clandestine Christian weddings for soldiers whom the originals were forbidden to marry while still in service after gaining victory over the Goths.

The Valentine is highly decorated with a customarily dressed purple amethyst ring worn on the hands of Christian bishops with an image of cupid engraved on it, which proved that love was legal under the Roman empire.

Connection With Romantic Love

With Saint Valentine having a little legacy, his legacy isn’ t worth celebrating by scholars that have argued about Valentine’ s service while alive, since he wasn’ t the first to speak against the persecution of Christians, but the negative aspect of it formed by man made it worth celebrating. It has crossed the pole of genuine love, which was set for a romantic act not only played by couples but also found among children and young people. Attached to this, the Roman city celebrates the Lupercalia feast as a local celebration known as the most general festival of Juno.

Valentine was celebrated on February 13 to 15 but was replaced with the feast of the Virgin Mary by Pope Gelasius during his service in 492. The feast of Saint Valentine’ s Day became a romantic love in the 14th and 15th centuries, with a degree of courtly love flourishing, apparently associated with the lovebirds of early spring.

At this point, people were able to make it a feast celebrated not only to remember his sacrifice but his genuine love for the body of Christ. A recommended read and white shirt are expected to be worn by each of them to participate in the sharing of gifts among families and love once.

The white and red worn or displayed were his favorite color design on his priestly ring. The most exciting part of this is the annual earnings it provides to publishers and sellers of greeting cards and graphic designers toward the fixed date of Valentine’ s Day. Finally, it is a celebration worth praising and appreciating.

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