Igbo Man Who Denounced England For Abandoning Christians in Nigeria, Suffered Ban In Nigeria

There was so many forgotten heroes in Igbo land, who had extremely fought very hard to make sure everything works fine for their people.

Some have took their wealth, life and their freedom for the sake of their people in Africa. Yet no or little result had been achieved upon that.

However, before the Biafra war started in 1967. There was an aggrieved Christians massacre in the northern part of Nigeria, which mostly affected the majority of the Igbos living in the North around 1966, which came as a result of the first military coup led by Patrick Kaduna Ezeogwu and due to the general believe that the coup was plotted by an Igbo man, it was then termed as ” The Igbo Coup” , since no Igbo top officials was murdered during the coup unlike others. This angered the northerners and some of the South westerners as well.

The North took the revenge immediately, killed Ezeogwu, then proceeded to massacre thousands of the innocent Igbos in the North severally.

As of then, there are some Igbos representing Nigeria outside the country in the like of Richard Ihetu who was popularly known as Dick Tiger Ihetu. Dick Tiger was an international boxer in England.

As the killings continued and becoming more intensed, while the leading president (Gowon) as of then were making no appropriate move to stop the killings.

The Easterners became very uncomfortable with the unit of Nigeria and started making move to be on their own as a country. Noticing that the notherners can’ t forgive the sin of a single stone, as they watch the excessive killings of their people in the Northern Nigeria.

D*ck Tiger who was very good in boxing, had many many awards.

Due to his great performance in boxing, he was knighted by queen of England in 1965. In 1967. When killings was too much in the Nigeria, he sent an appeal to the Queen of England to intervene in the continued killings of his Igbo brothers in Nigeria, so she could save their lives. After being waited for some days with received no reply. This made him got disappointed and sent back his knighthood to the Queen and denounced England for abandoning Christians.

When Nigeria civil war broke out, he left England to join the Biafra soldier to fight.

Afterwards, they lost to Nigeria and surrendered. He left back to England and continued his boxing and due to his participation in fight against Nigeria during civil war, the country banned him from entering Nigeria until he was very. His ban was lifted while he was very sick, after he was tested to have liver cancer. He was allowed to return back to his country and later died in 14th December 1971. In Accordance with Wikipedia.

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