Jews Massacre: See Why Heinrich Himmler Is The Greatest Betrayal In The History

Jews Massacre

Over the years, we have had history throw both good and bad memories or events of the past that should be learned about.

We have heard stories of bad kings, terrible wars, the deadliest diseases, cruel popes, and even horrible leaders, but today history has decided to take us down memory lane by showing us the greatest betrayal to ever be recorded in history, who it was done to and what happened.

The story of the great betrayal would not be complete without mentioning the main person behind all the drama, ‘ Heinrich Himmler’ .

Who Is Heinrich Himmler?

Born on the 7th of October 1900 In Germany into the family of a Roman Catholic Church master and his wife, Henrich Luitpold Himmler, simply known as Henrich Himmler before his death, which was as a result of him committing suicide on the 23rd of May 1946, then, he was an active and leading member of the Nazi Party of Germany and was a commander of the Schutzstaffel, which was an active, popular, and highest- ranked title from 1925 to 1933.

He was also the commander of the Replacement Army and what most people might refer to as the main mastermind behind The Great Holocaust that claimed the lives of many Jews.

Hammer was married to Magagrete Boden in 1928, and together they had three children, Gudrun, Helge, and Nanette. Hammer, during his active years, was seen as an extremely skilled and highly intelligent man. Though he had good traits, his actions made him one of the worst people on earth and also the greatest betrayed. Let’ s see why.

How Is He The Greatest Betrayer In History?

Heinrich Himmler was a betrayed man, and a brutal one at that, in addition to being a mastermind behind the Holocaust’ s mass murder of Jews.

According to history, after the assassination of a prominent member of the Nazi party, Germs Heydrich, Himmer was the next person placed by Adolf Hitler to take charge and continue from where Heydrich left off, and as you know, nothing good could ever come out of Adolf Hitler, a known killer and persecutor of the Jews.

Before Heydrich was assassinated in Prague in June 1942, Heydrich and Hitler were already on a mission to wipe out as many Jews as they could.

Killing Of The Jews

They planned to kill about 12 million Jews. They both decided to send whichever Jew they found into the field to work to death, and even when they were unable to, they would be killed. Knowing that this was what Heydrich and Hitler were all about, Himmer still willingly and openly accepted the position of Heydrich.

He immediately took charge of Heydrich’ s two sons and began planning on how he was going to execute as many Jews as he could. He immediately created a group called ‘ Aktion Reinhard’ in honor of Heydrich and made sure he oversaw all the activities of the said group and before anything could be said, they already set up permanent camps and were ready to receive orders from Himmer.

After Himmer had geared up and set up his camp, he began giving orders to have the Jews killed by gaming them and mostly firing squad in 1941, and by the end of it, they were able to have killed about 100 Jews brutally.

Soon after, Himmer sorted out other means by which he could kill the Jews on a large scale while mentally traumatizing his followers. Soon after, he was able to come up with the idea of building gas chambers where a large number of Jews could be killed.

On his order, between 15 and 17th July 1942, Himmer and his Nazi German group were able to kill over six million Jews, and by the next time, which was in 1943, they were able to kill an additional three hundred thousand people via firing squad. Just like Hitler, the deaths of these Jews who were criticially killed meant absolutely nothing to Himmer nor Hitler.

He further gave an announcement claiming that any foreign person was a national threat to Germany and forbade any German to have a special or s*xual relationship with a foreigner. Hammer goes down in history as a terrible person and his deeds still spread like wildfire throughout history.

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