Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa: Story Of The Greatest Painter Ever Existed In The World

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

Is there anyone who does know about the Mona Lisa or heard about it or has even seen the art before?

I mean, gone are the days where all art had to be seen physically or in person. The internet has made things easy for people to come across and see, no one extremely famous painting the world recognizes is the Mona Lisa painting. It is so popular that it has been used in books, magazines, memes, and even music videos. Seeing how popular and important this painting is, it would just be right to enlighten everyone about its history and shed more light on who the mastermind behind this genius and beautiful painting is.

Does the picture tell a story? And generally, what is the story behind the painting?

Who Was Leonard Da Vinci?

Leonard Da Vinci is a popular name in the world today. I guess it is because of the legendary masterpiece he created, ” Mona Lisa” . Born as a lovechild between a successful notary and a lower- class woman on the 15th of April 1452 in Vinci and dying in France on the 2nd of May 1519, Leonardo di Ser Piero Da Vinci was one person who everyone would think had just one thing to do, which is ” painting” , but that isn’ t the case at all.

Leonard Da Vinci, before his death, was an Italian sculptor, an architect, theorist, scientist, draughtsman, engineer, and most famously, a painter, as this was undoubtedly the occupation that brought him to the limelight and gave him the recognition he now has, and he was also the founder of the High Renaissance.

Leonard Da Vinci goes down in history as one of the most famous painters in history. Up until this very day, his works, which include the ‘ Mona Lisa’ , The Last Supper, The Salvador Mundi, Virgins of the Rocks, and many more dispatched around the world, still amaze the world and still gain lots of recognition as all his works are remarkable and exceptional.

The Mona Lisa Painting

Making it into the Guinness Book of Records as the most valuable painting in the world, as well as the painting with the highest insurance, amounting to $870 million as of 2021.

It is believed that the founder and painter of legendary painting began work on the Mona Lisa in the year 1503 and finished it in the year 1517, two years before his death. Even though he was an Italian, the Mona Lisa painting went into the custody of the French, automatically becoming their property and being displayed at the Louvre in Paris.

The Mona Lisa painting has had so many interpretations as some claim that the woman in the picture represents the Blessed Virgin Mary (the mother of Christ), or his lover, or just an average random woman. But that is not the case at all.

The woman in the picture is said to be Lisa Gherardini, a noble Italian wife of Francesco del Giocondo. It’ s no surprise why the painting was named Mona Lisa, which, when translated to English, means’ Madam Lisa’ .

Rumors had it that Leonard was asked by Francesco to paint a portrait of his wife, but we don’ t know how true that is. What we do know and are sure of is that he never gave it to Francesco, Lisa herself, or any member of the Giocondo family. Instead, he left it to Salai, his apprentice, and his favorite, so it seems.

The painting never got to Salai as it was acquired by the King of France at that time, after Leonard’ s death, as ” King Francis” . The Mona Lisa, up till this very day, remains a masterpiece.

Some Claims About Da Vinci’ s Mona Not Complete Some Of His Classic Creative Works

Years after Da Vinci’ s Mona has died, there were so many claims of Da Vinci’ s procrastination to complete most of his creative works.

According to scientists, stated that the Italian polymath Leonardo Da Vinci may have struggled to complete some of his classic creative works due to Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

According to Professor Marco Catani of King’ s College London in the United Kingdom, ADHD could have been a part in Da Vinci’ s great inventiveness and achievements in the arts and sciences, as well as explaining his chronic procrastination.

However, Da Vinci created had created some of the world’ s most famous works of art, but historical reports demonstrate that he struggled to finish them.

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