Lilith: The First Wife Of Adam Before Eve


Most of us will be surprised to learn that there was a woman named Lilith during the time of Adam and Eve, let alone that she was the first woman created by God.

It is without a doubt or a lie that, according to most of our religious teachings, Adam was the first man ever created in the Bible, and God created a woman.

Adam and Eve were the very first couple in the Bible and the only two humans at that time, so I can really understand how a third person might feel.

Well, there is a theory of a woman who, of course, wasn’ t Eve. She walked on the earth during the time of Adam, and today we are going to be looking at that.

The Theory of the First Woman ever created by God and why she left Adam has so many theories, but we are just going to be looking at the most popular and best theories.

– LILITH was the very first woman known to be created by God from dust, just as Adam was. She was Adam’ s very first wife before the arrival of Eve. According to speculation, Lilith became hungry for power and equality between herself and Adam. Some said she even sought dominance during s3xual intercourse, thereby always wanting to be on top, but Adam refused.

It, however, went on for a while and when Adam couldn’ t take it any more, he sent her away from the Garden.

– Others claimed she abandoned Adam and the Garden for the Red Sea, where she remained and became at odds with Eve, whom she saw as her greatest rival. Lilith was known for the number of babies she killed, and the numerous men she seduced and killed. She was also responsible for infertility at some point as she was known to swallow men’ s sperm.

It was said that God sent his angles after her but none could capture her. She was afterwards asked numerous times by God to go back to Adam or lose 100 of her demons every day, but she rather chose the death of her demon than become at peace and be reunited with Adam.

After several years, Lilith became the wife of Lucifer and also the ruling queen of Hell.

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