Meet The Man Regarded As The Most Heinous Criminal In Human History

James Verone

James Verone is one man whose criminal yet intelligent act has helped to bring him into lime light.

Now we all or most of us are familiar with James Verone and the act that, of course, made him recognized by many and to some extent famous. His actions did not just make him famous but also made lots of people refer to him as being ” The most Intelligent criminal in Man’ s history.

James Verone was a 59- year- old man who was jobless at the time after losing his job as a delivery man at Coca- Cola, where he had worked for nearly 18 years. After losing his job at Coca- Cola, James worked as a truck driver and part- time clerk. But he was once again struck hard by life’ s challenges, thus making him jobless yet again and without any health insurance.

Things, however, became very hard for James as he further confirmed living off food stands and his saving.

The 59- year- old narrated his ordeal in his story, saying that he had tolerated a terrible back ache and a serious pain in his left foot for a while that made him limp every time he walked and was really moved to do nothing, but when he noticed a lump on his chest that caused him severe pain and seeing that he couldn’ t do anything about it, he then knew that he needed to act fast and that was when

he light of the robbery. James Verone admitted to mailing a letter to Gaston Gazette on June 9, 2011, saying, quote, ” When you receive this, this bank robbery will have been committed by me for one dollar, but I am of sound mind but not so much of sound body. “

During his interview, he also stated that his intention for writing this was to inform them that his act was not motivated by money, but by his health, and that he hoped it would grant him a three- year extension so that he could have the lump in his chest removed and his foot examined.

Having mailed the letter out, at about noon, James walked into the bank and gave the bank teller a note which made her call the police. In the Note, Verone had written saying ” she was to hand him a dollar and that he had a gun” .

Shortly after the police arrived, reporters said that the bank teller due to shock was taken to a hospital to have her blood pressure checked.

Verone, on the other hand, was arrested by the police and afterwards held in the Gaston country jail where he had been attended to by a few nurses.

Repots confirmed that his act, despite being a Bank Robbery, would only result in a sentence of months rather than the three years he had hoped for.

James has, however, confessed that if he wasn’ t treated properly and completely tended to, he was going to Rob again.

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