Michael Berry: See The Notorious Man That Created 419 In Nigeria With No Identity


If you are a Nigerian, then these three numbers should not come as a surprise or anything new or unheard to you at all. The numbers 419 is one of the most popular groupings of numbers in Nigeria. It is a term used to refer to people who scam people of their money, property, and other valuables. Everything which now exists has an origin where it was first started from, and that is why we are going to be looking at the origin of 419, its originator, and how it began, but first:

What Is 419?

419 is a Nigerian scam or Nigerian fraud which refers to a situation where people are duped or scammed of their money by using various schemes, but the most common scheme used by 419 is that most times, 419ers try to convince their target or their victims that they are in need of a certain amount of money to foresee a transaction, and in return, they convince their victims that once they are able to complete their transactions, they will be given a commission worth millions of naira.

Once a person falls victim and sends them money, they immediately disappear, block the user from calling or texting them, or they stick around looking for more ways to try and collect more money from their victims before finally blocking and deleting the person.

Scammers are known to use fake names, fake accounts, and fake numbers so that they remain untraceable and unreachable by both the authorities and their victims, so even when a victim finally realizes that they have been scammed, they are left with absolutely nothing to work with in order to find or reach them.

Here are a few other tricks these 419s have up their sleeves in scamming or duping people.

Firstly, the typical Nigerian scheme is a scheme done via email, and that is where the fraudster offers a commission to their target, a supposed victim.

The commission offered by these fraudsters, or 419, is just too enticing and too good to be true, and that should be a red flag to help one know that they are about to be scammed.

They always come up with excuses like their goods have yet to arrive, their account has been frozen by the government, or their goods have been seized by the authorities, and they are looking for a way to get them back, and they are in need of your financial assistance to unfreeze or pay off the authorities in order to get everything back.

Others are able to hack other people’ s Facebook or Instagram accounts, posing as the person and demanding assistance from the person’ s friends and promising to pay it back. Once they get it, they block that person and move on to the next.

How 419 Was Coined

The scam name 419 was a term gotten from the prevalence saw in Nigeria during the 1990s. There also happens to be a Nigerian criminal code section 419 that strongly speaks to how illegal 419 is.

Though 419 is more Nigerian- related, it does not just end in Nigeria alone, as reports and stories have shown how people from other countries have been scammed several times by Nigerians.

We now understand who these 419 are, what they do, and what they are all about. We will now be looking at who the Ordinator of this act is and how it started.

Who Is Michael Berry?

Though not much was given about Michael Berry, his photo, date of birth, state of origin or even where he is now. According to history, the origin of 419, especially in Nigeria, cannot be written without mentioning the name Michael Berry.

Michael is the website founder of ” 419eater. com” , a scam baiting website said to have been launched in the year 2003, which focuses on advance fee fraud. Michael Berry, also known as Shiver Metimbers, is known to have approximately 55 registered accounts as of 2013.

On November 1, 2006, Berry was a guest on BBC Radio 2′ s The Jeremy Vine Show. Berry has also published a book called Greetings in Jesus’ Name! : The Scambaiter Letters, which contains some of the scambaits featured on the website. Berry left active engagement with 419eater in early 2008 to focus on work and other projects, handing up authority to one of the site’ s long- serving system administrators.

The 419eater website, along with other ” scam warning” websites, was exposed to a huge botnet DDoS attack that left the site unavailable beginning September 6, 2007. The site and forums were both back up on September 18, 2007.

Though not much is disclosed about Michael Berry, the notorious fraudster, as neither his picture nor certain basic facts about him are displayed, he still remains on the wanted list of the authorities.

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