Never To Forget: Story Of 75 Igbos Who Chose Death Over Slavery

This story is about the Igbo Landing

Despite the fact that our country has denied us history education in our schools in Nigeria in order to forget the past and move on without the knowledge of the past histories.

There are some history that can’ t be hidden so long, no matter how, someone must disclose the history to the younger generation and it goes on.

Igbo adage that says “A child who doesn’ t know what killed his father will eventually die like his father” and another one also said that “If you don’ t know where rain started beating you, you won’ t know where it’ll stop.”

Therefore, for a child to succeed in life, he/ she should try as much as possible to know the history stories of his ancestors, to enable the child master the environment, to avoid repeating the same mistakes his ancestors made in the past, so to live longer. Also, knowing the past enables you understand who you are and your capabilities in life among others.

Hence, over the past centuries, many African countries had suffered immensely over slave trade from the supremacy of white (slave masters) before was abolished in 1807.

During the era of slave trade, about 75 Igbos from Nigeria took a surprised action, overwhelmed their captors in a strange land and committed mass suicide to avoid being enslaved in the New World.

However, this Igbos mass action in Dunbar Creek in 1803 was recorded as the first freedom march in the history of the United States as no slaves had ever tried such in the past to chose death over slavery.

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