Nupe Man: See Nigerian Slave, Who Founded Most Famous Fraternal Group, Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a widely known and recognized fraternity in the world today, with its activities known and recognized in different parts of the world. But have you ever sat and wondered who the founder of the famous fraternity is, where they are from, and what inspired the idea of the fraternity’ s creation or formulation?

Let’ s dive into it, but first,

How Was Freemasonry Founded

Freemasonry was founded at the end of the 13th century, with its origins and creation linked to local stonemason guilds. Today, it is the world’ s oldest fraternal organization, consisting mostly of adult males of different ethnicity, religion, and tribes, all coming together to share the same view and objective.

The Freemasons are known to also work as a secret society with a specific handshake they use for each degree of rank attained in the organization, with their greatest oppression coming from the Catholic Church and the American Third Party, ‘ Anti- Masonic Party’ .

Who Are The Nupe People?

The people of Nupe, sometimes referred to as Nupawa by the Yoruba tribe or Hausa tribe in Nigeria, are an ethnic group whose origin can be traced back to Tsoede in Nigeria. The Nupe ethic group, just like Benue State, is another set of people that can be found in the middle belt region of Nigeria.

The Nupe people are known to be about 34. 5 million people, with their main language as nupe, and are known to practice both Islam, Christianity, and traditional religion. They are also related to the Gbagu, Igala, Yoruba, Ebira Kamuku, Barbibas, and Angelo Soliman ethnic groups.

Who Was Angelo Soliman?

Born in Borno, Nigeria in 1750, Angelo Soliman, whose original and birth name was Madi Make, was born in the year 1750 in Borno, Nigeria. According to history, the founder of Freemasonry, as a Nigerian child, was sold to the French at a tender age into slavery to a Messinan marchiness who was, for some reason, kin to education and therefore oversaw that Madi Make was educated.

After a few years of serving in the house of his very first master, ” Messinan Marchiness, ” he began developing feelings and likeness for a fellow servant who went by the name Angelina.

Most people believe that his attraction to Angelina was the main reason he chose the name ‘ Angelo, ‘ and that because he was a child when he was sold into slavery, he had no memory of his birth date and thus chose September 11th as his birthday.

Angelo With Prince George Christian

Angelo, though some might have seen him as a normal black slave, picked up the fantasy and interest of the Governor of Sicily, and with that, he began persuading Messinan to gift him Angelo, and that was what led to Angelo being gifted to Prince George in the year 1734.

The prince became so excited that upon being gifted Angelo, he immediately gave him the position of a velvet, or his right hand man, who accompanied him everywhere he went, even when he travelled. He entrusted Angelo with his life and had a special affection for Angelo, especially after he saved his life one certain time.

Then, Prince Christian eventually died a few years later, thereby leading Angelo into the house of Vienna, but this time as a chief servant and then as a tutor, thanks to the education he had received from the Marchioness. After Angelo’ s marriage to a French general’ s sister Magdalena, he became widely known and respected by many people and in no distant time, he became a friend of Australian Emperor Joseph and Franz Moritz Von Laczy and in 1783 he joined the Masonic lodge.

After joining Freemasonry, Angelo began making changes in the Masonic lodge and incorporating other things to help improve the group, eventually giving birth to Freemasonry, which spread widely throughout Europe and quickly became known worldwide.

In Conclusion: Though it might be hard for most people to believe that a Nigerian slave who was stolen and sold into slavery turned out to be the co- founder of the most famous and oldest fraternal group in the world today, that is in fact the truth and up until this day. Even though he faced discrimination and racist treatment, he didn’ t let that weigh him down.

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