One of the suspects who kidnapped and killed 6-year-old Kaduna boy pictured spending quality time with his own children

Sani Adamu a.k.a Galadima, one of the suspects who kidnapped and killed 6-year-old Mohammed Kabir in Kaduna State, is pictured having fatherly moment with his own children.        Late Kabir Galadima, a dismmissed military personnel while being paraded alongside three other accomplices at the Kaduna Police headquarters on Monday May 3, explained how he and another suspect suffocated the boy after collecting a ransom of N1m from his parents.  The suspect said he held the boy’s legs while Umar Mainasara, a water vendor covered his nose to suffocation.  Speaking to journalists, Galadima who lives in Badarawa, near the boy’s family home, claimed that Nazifi, a next-door neighbour of Mohammed’s parents was the mastermind of the kidnapping and had cajoled the boy to go on an errand where Galadima abducted him.  He said the boy was then taken to Zaria and later Kano where they kept him in the custody of the fourth suspect, Amina who happened to be his girlfriend. He said Nazifi was not happy that they collected only a million naira from the victim’s father because he believed Mohammed’s father could afford more than that. "Nazifi later called to tell me that there was a problem and that we should make sure the boy does not return home because he may have recognised him as the person who sent him on an errand. So, I went back to Kano, took Mohammed to a drain system where we killed him,” he said. According to him, Amina knew nothing about the kidnapping because he had lied to her that the boy was his late brother’s son whose mother couldn’t keep him.  However, the alleged mastermind of the kidnapping, Nazifi denied all the allegations saying he was being framed. He said he had not sighted the victim for a long time despite being his father’s neighbour because he always travels to Abuja where he sells cloth. On his part, Umar Mainasara also denied taking part in the killing but confessed his role as the negotiator adding that he had also picked the ransom on behalf of the group. “I don’t know who killed the boy amongst them, all I knew was that Galadima took the boy to Kano. My role was to negotiate with the victim’s father, which I did and I was given N150,000 as my share,” he said.  The post One of the suspects who kidnapped and killed 6-year-old Kaduna boy pictured spending quality time with his own children appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog. Source

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