Other Side Of “OJUKWU” No One Ever Talks About


Chief Chukwuemeka odumegwu ojukwu, born on November 4 1933 in zungeru Nigeria and a son to late Louis Philippe Odumegwu ojukwu a successful business man, Ojukwu attended Oxford University in 1955. After graduating, he returned to Nigeria to serve as an administration officer for two year after which he joined the army and was speedily promoted. He was the first to initiate army barracks quarters and Hospital in Nigeria.

Lieutenant Colonel ojukwu the first Black Quarter master General (QMG) in 1965 also assigned as the commanding officer to the fifth Balloon of the Nigeria army in kano; became the military governor of the largely eastern region by major general T. U Johnson Aguiyi- Irinsi also an Igbo who was of the highest ranking officer in position to take over power after overthrowing the existing Nigeria civilian government in January 1966 by a largely group of young Igbo army officers.

However, the Hausa northern and Yoruba’ s Western army region fears the Igbo government, the fear brought about the regime of lieutenant colonel late general yakubu Gowon by the northern army in 1966. Yakubu was made the head of state, still in yakubu regime; ojukwu maintains his command of the eastern region.

Moreover, the bitter feeling of the Igbos by the northern in the north led to the massacre of Igbo’ s in the north by the northerners in May September 1966.

The Igbo felt isolated during Yakubu government which gave ojukwu a mindset of speaking on behalf of his people (Igbos) by proposing to end the ethnic strife met to be the meaningful devolution of power to the regions. In spite of this, the federal government agreed to it in a conference held in Jenuary 1967 and was later rejected.

Ojukwu didn’ t end his vision of given power to the Igbos. He responded in March to April 1967 by separating the Eastern regionals government administration from those of the federal government. A secessionist pressure arise from his follow Igbo’ s who force him to declared the Eastern region as independent sovereignty state of the federal republic of Biafra in May 30 1967. But the federal troops invaded the Biafra and were interrupted by the civil war in July 1967 two months after declaring the Eastern region republic of Biafra. He continues leading the Igbo’ s as a Biafra state unsuccessful, struggling to survive as the independent state even during the civil war. When this became much, the Biafra has to surrender to their counterpart.

Ojukwu fled to Cota d’ ivoire at the eve of the Biafra surrender 1970, he was safe and protected there at coted’ ivoire.

In 1982, ojukwu returned to Nigeria after 13 years of exile been pardon by the citizens under shehu shagari government. He joined the national party of Nigeria (NPN) in January 1983 where he subsequently attempted to maintain his politics. His attempt for the Senate representing anambra state failed, so he was detained for 10 months leading to the an intelligent succession power that brought Mohammed Buhari to seat at the 1983.

Ojukwu never cease to end his ambitious of being a social leader, he then join a political party called social democratic party, inspiring to be the president of Nigeria after 10 years of an unsuccessful Senate position. He was disqualified for running for president.

While Nigeria began to convert from military leadership to the civilian, Ojukwu again decided to represent a new political party that could help him aim his target as the president in 2003, called the all progressive Grand alliance (APGA) he failed at this point. Then in 2007, he ran for the third time and was defeated by the running party candidate, umaru Yar’ adua in an election that was strongly critises by international observers to be an irregular and partial election.

In honour to the deeds of chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu ojukwu, a man who has his people in mind and who had brought the concept of Biafra and his constant believe of been the head of state wasn’t discriminated by the Igbo’ s till date.

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