Painful Story: How A Young Girl Was killed After Receiving Message From Unknown Man

It starts with a single mother named Dorothy Jane Scott and an American citizen. She was said to have disappeared on May 28 1980, in Anaheim, California, living with her aunt and a four- year old son. She served as a secretary of two jointly shop in an Anaheim store where psychedelic items were sold such as love beads, lava lamps and the second a head shop for senior staff and managers.

Dorothy was a devoted Christian in which she was described to believe in her faith and avoidance of blaspheming. She contradicted what may abuse her belief. Despite these, Scott developed a loss for men. Her being a single mother was traced to her past and present life style.

Jacob, her father, once described her as a harlot who may have dated on occasion but had no steady boyfriend. Months before her abduction, she had been receiving strange phone calls at work from an unknown male who threatened to kill her after professing his love for her.

On a secret call with the strange man, Scott was told how she could be murdered by the phone caller. The man expressed his intention of cutting her in parts so that her body wouldn’ t be recognized if found by any one.

This gave her fear. She decided to arm herself with a gun alongside with Karate training just about a week before her disappearance and little did she know that her murder was much stronger than her training.

Unfortunately, Scott drove her two co- workers to the hospital, one who was already biting by a scorpion for immediate medical attention at UC Irvine Medical Centre. She left them there, promising to pick them up in a short time with her car to the exit since she didn’ t want him to walk a far distance with his health condition.

The event of her assistance towards her colleague took place at 9: pm on May 28 1980, which she noted during a usual employee meeting at work, among whom was Conrad Bostron, the victim of a scorpion bite.

Bostron was discharged around 11: pm with a prescription for the bite. While still there, Scott used the rest room before heading to the car park. After waiting for her arrival in vain, head and Bostron, the second co- worker, decided to check the E. RS parking lot if she could be found there.

Still standing there, Scott’ s car was droved at a high speed, sparking a flash of a brighter headlight on them, which blinded so they could not see one was behind the wheel. They both waved their hand to get Scott’ s attention, but couldn’ t.

They remembered the threatening call she had been receiving from her place of work. A few hours later, after not hearing from her, Bostron and head reported her missing to the police.

Having her disappearance in mind, everyone suspected search or seen what could be like Scott’ s ugly situation. Even when a white 1973 Toyota station was found burning at 4: 30am on May 29 in an alley 10 miles from the hospital, everyone ran to see if they were Scott’ s suspected kid But neither she nor the kidnappers were there.

Later, after some years, Scott’ s remains were found in a bush by a construction worker on August 6 1984 along with numerous human bones and dogs. She was recognized by her mother through her favorite ring and watch that had stopped at 12: 30 a. m on 29 May 1980, an hour after Head and bostron saw her last.

Apart from that, the bone also underwent an autopsy, however discovered to be Scott bone without the knowledge of what would have been the cause of her death.

Finally, Jacob and his wife Scott parents hold a memorial service in remembrance of their child. Held on 22 August the same year, her bone was found. She died at age 32.

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