Papua: See Where The Last Cannibal Tribe On Earth Came From

The Last Cannibal Tribe

Meet the Korowai tribe of Papua New Guinea, which is today set to be the last cannibal tribe, although there has existed a tribe saturated with this and, at the same time, some similarities in culture and taste of life. Before we move further, let us consider the creature of man’ s existence.

Firstly, What Is Culture

Human beings have always lived to form and practice what we know as ways of life, which are essentially done around human existence, beginning with the family and progressing to the pinnacle of the nation. Let’ s take Africa as a whole, since we are to discuss one continent of Africa that fits our knowledge of the last cannibal tribe known as the New Guinea.

In African thinking about cannibalism, one would trace the eating of human beings as well as drinking their blood. Yes, it is one of the cultures that has been wiped out by man.

Nigerians have a place in ” Aba” and other parts of country where humans are eaten by their followers, and it is never a good idea to visit without thinking about this.

People are killed and shared among their followers without mercy, without any sympathetic aspect of human attitude. Others apart from this go with wife swapping, where a man comes into full agreement to exchange his wife with an open advantage of her and makes rubbish of her womanhood, even though it seems so cultural and pleasing to the man. And in other ways, it can be administered into husband swapping as well.

All these practices were first set as culture but now look like rituals. Other fascinating cultures include the drinking of human blood, s*x addiction in order to prove who you are marrying, and others.

However, this stands as the stepping stone to our discussion, which led to the historical display of the Korowai tribe of Papua in New Guinea.

The Last Tribe Of Cannibals

This tribe looks so fascinating and dangerous. It is often found in New Guinea as the Korowai tribe. They have lived their lives in the dark without social amenities and educational stability, which could be the reason they look so fascinating and dangerous altogether.

Meanwhile, there had been no recorded contact between them and the Western world; in fact, it was believed that they were unaware of any other human existence other than their own.

How They Build Their House

In the absence of the western pattern of building, the citizens set up or were able to construct great tree houses that sat 140- feet high in the jungle. It is constructed with the aim of protecting its members from external attack if the need arises.

Its building materials were made of wooden ladders placed up against the stilts to reach the top, as well as having a central pole made from a Banyan tree along with the bark of sago palm used for the floor and walls, which was once a general method of building before the western knowledge of building or technology known how. Papua used sago leaves as well as setting up fire pits to protect their roofs.

They Had No Knowledge Of Other Human Existence

While technology was on, this group of individuals had no knowledge of other human existences other than theirs. But the westerners were able to troop in in 1974 through a group of western scientists. The scientists were able to record and stimulate the structural setting of this individual, like their language, local techniques, and the fire- making aspect.

However, the only recognized image they could place among the things that existed between them was the existence of demons and evil spirits.

They practiced cannibalism. I have never heard of the word ” last cannibal” . One should be aware that the Papua tribe once practiced cannibalism, which was set to be the eating of human beings, as earlier explained in the article. However, they were the last tribe ever known as cannibal tribes.

Being only aware of evil spirits and demons, the Papua in general made it a cultural necessity to kill and eat a person believed to have been captured by Khakua or demons set as their gods. Though, there is still a debate that people still do things secretly despite being aborted but claim that they are doing so to be a historical record for foreigners as well as new generations in general.

They Practice Witchcraft And Sorcery

Despite the western follow- up of Christian missionaries who have successfully converted to Christianity, many here are still reluctant to give up their traditional spiritual views.

They are also set up with the belief of ancestors, along with many rituals found in their midst.

Women Marry After Their First Period

Again, in traditional of Papuan culture, while men are set to get married at age of 20, women are expected to be given out to marriage after seeing their first period, normally at age 15. This practice is still followed to date. Once a lady is married, she is automatically known as an adult.

In the absence of technical weapons, the tribe used the bow and arrow to capture their prey as well as tackle humans, which was easily used by their youth and hunters. Intruders or foreigners who appeared unwelcome were also destroyed with the arrow and bow.

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