Powerful Knowledge In Football Game That Will Help You Succeed In Real Life

Life is like football game you need to learn to survive.

In life, there are odd and good time. During odd time we tends to forget the good time we had in the past due to people’s comments towards us and how hard the odd time hits us.

Using Football game as a example, you would understand that in every final football match, there must always be winner and a looser at the end of the game and the looser will go home in shame due to people’s blames and disappointed in their performance. It happens because people never care about the efforts they (looser) made to reach out to the final stage of the game and secondly, people will also not care to know or remember the good time in the past they (looser) won.

People always love the winning side not the losers no matter how great you perform in the football field, nobody will ever celebrate you for loosing a match.

That’ s the perfect explanation of how life works. No one cares to know or listen to your past stories of your loses or how hard you’ ve struggled to succeed. People believe in the current result, not past stories failures.

However, you should know that the life we’ re living is a battlefield. No man is everly cares to listen to your past stories except you. So it’ s only you can motivate yourself not people.

To survive, you’ ve to pick up from your mistakes and move on without listening to people’s opinions.

Like in football, the today’ s looser maybe the greatest winner tomorrow depends on their effort they employ to overcome their past mistake, having discovered their error.

So you’ ve to learn from your past mistake and listen to your self and move on. Don’ t allow people’ s commentary to discourage you from moving. Succeeding in life depends on what you hear from your self.

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