Powerful Knowledge: See How Sharia Law Started

Sharia Law

When everyone hears the term ” Sharia law or Sharia” , the next thing that comes to mind is Islam or Muslims, and we all know why that is. Muslims and Islam are the sole keepers and formulators of this said law.

Sharia Law is indeed no new thing today and everyone knows that Muslims are linked directly to it, but have you ever wondered if the Sharia Law has been right from the time of the middle ages or the first man, or is just a 20th- century law, Also ever wonder what the Sharia law is all about and why it was formulated in the first place, having seen that each country already has its own law governing it, I mean, does this Sharia law apply to all Muslims or just a selected few, and what are the Dos and Dont’ s of this law?

Well, let’ s get right to it.

But First, Who Are The Muslims And What Is Islam?

Who are the Muslims and what is Islam?

Islam is one of the most practiced religions in the world today, and it is a religion that preaches about Allah as the only God. Muslims, on the other hand, are followers of Islam and believers in Allah and the prophet Mohammed. Muslims are, however, divided into two different types, namely:

The Sunni Muslims and the Shia Muslims.

Muslims were said to have been divided into the above types when the time came for a successor to succeed The Prophet Muhammad in the 14th century.

Though they still dress alike, believe in almost the same teachings, the same God, and the same Prophet Muhammad, they still have their own disputes which separate them. So now that we’ ve managed to shed a bit of light on who Muslims are and what Islam is, let’ s see what Sharia is. . .

What Are Sharia And Sharia Law?

The term Sharia refers to a body or part of the Islamic religious group that forms or makes the Islamic religious law for Muslims to follow. Sharia law is legally recognized by the Muslim community as the only people capable of making and imposing laws on the Muslim community.

Sharia Law

The clear or the totten path to the water is the English translation of the word ” Sharia” , which is originally an Arabic word. Sharia Law is the law that acts as a guide for Muslims on how to live their lives as better Muslims.

Sharia law is referred to by Muslims as God’ s (Allah) wish on how every Muslim must live, how to dress, observe prayers, fast, things they can eat and things they can not eat, the importance of donation to the poor and other crucial aspects of their lives.

How Sharia Law Started

The origin and the formulation of the popular Islamic law known as Sharia Law date as far back as 633, particularly after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. According to what history has to say, during Prophet Muhammed’ s days on earth, he was full of wisdom and remained as a leader, ruler, and ear to the Muslims from Allah.

He was always in the habit of addressing certain issues in the Islamic community, delivering Allah’ s messages to the Muslims, explaining certain things they found hard to understand, and telling them what to do, what not to do, and how it was to be done.

After his death, with no one as wise as him to fill in his place and to try to avoid rebellion against the law he had already made and to continue and grow the prophets’ law, teachings, and doctrines, the judicial body of the Islamic Community decided to come up with Sharia Law as a method to keep Muslim society and Muslims as a whole on track.

Though lots of others came up with their theories as to why the Sharia law was legalized and created, this particular reason has since taken the spotlight since the 18th Century as the main reason for the creation of the Sharia Law.

And yes, it does apply to all Muslims as Sharia law is an Islamic guide and is known to have been introduced in certain parts of the world, like Nigeria, Afghanistan, the United States of America, Turkey, and many more.

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