Powerful Reason Why Knights Templar Was Discovered And Destroyed By Two Difference Popes

Speaking of the Knights Templar, which was discovered by Pope Honouris II during his time as pope to the Catholics.

It was said that most of the Christians were misled by his discovery of the creation of which he did for a reason, along with the association of the poor fellow soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, although the temple was created exactly in the form of Solomon’ s temple and had served as a Catholic military order temple.

It was found in 1118 in the temple of Jerusalem and active all throughout the period 1118 to 1312 when it was destroyed by pope Clement IV, who saw it as satanic and heresy to have made of divinity among the christiandom.

The History

Starting with the reason behind the creation of the Templars by the pope, it was just to protect Christendom from being attacked by the Muslims when going and returning from the crusade, as they were surrounded by the most dangerous Muslim society.

However, the Templars became most of the favorable and rapid acts of protection for most Christians at that time, growing in both power and membership, basically occupied by human beings who are said to have been on white mantles with red crosses as a sign of belonging and membership as well.

They were among those who fought during the Crusade, a war between them and the Muslims.

Aside from that, these groups of people did not just fight like that; they also supported Christendom in terms of finances and other things that would help the effectiveness of the war; they were wealthy and well- informed enough to have established their own network throughout Europe, through which they should be able to track down their adversaries.

The Templars were always placed at the front of the war, making them the gods of the land, yet being called holy people and holy land as well.

The Reason For Establishing The Templars

Prior to the war between the Christians in Jerusalem and the Muslims in the holy land, it was said that the Christians in Jerusalem were captured by the Muslims around 1099 during their pilgrimage to various sites in the holy land.

That means that Christians once had the advantage of living with the Muslims in Mecca or traveling across the land where they were found victims of what was their major problem.

However, most Christians who live outside of Jerusalem prefer to pray in any of the so- called holy lands.

But, while most of these Christians were killed whenever they went on pilgrimage outside Jerusalem, the pope, who needed protection the most, pleaded with King Baldwin II of Jerusalem and Warmund, the patriarch of Jerusalem, for an act of protection, which was granted to him by the council only to place the templars on the Al- aqsa Mosque, which today refers to the poor armies of Christ.

The Decline Of The Membership

Just as the membership was known to be united and strong, the Muslim world also became more united under an effective leader such as Saladin in the middle of the 12th century, which began to turn into crusades and wars.

There arose a strong disagreement between Christendom concerning the holy land and the knights templars. They came into two sections, one of which was for military and political existence.

As they were into these two fractions, failure in campaigns and other political activities ensued, and at the same time, led to Jerusalem’ s recapture again by the Muslim arms.

Luckily, it was reclaimed without the help of the Knight Templars by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, who held the sixth crusade in 1229, and only held it for a while before it was captured again by the British during the World War from the Ottoman Empire, meaning that the Jerusalem land remained captive even with the help of the Knight Templars as well.

One major thing about the Templars is that they are found to be industrious, even indicating an interest in founding their own monarch state of leadership.

Arrest Of It Grant Master

After the death of pope Honouris I, there arose a new pope who wasn’ t pleased with the actions carried out by the Knights Templar, especially from both sides, starting with the templar grand master Jacques de Molay and that of the hospitaller along with the newly appointed king Philip IV of France.

Pope Clement IV, who was expecting both grand masters, was surprised to see De Molay present while Jacques was late and refused to attend.

However, his aim in setting up the gathering was to discuss the criminal charges placed on the Templars, who were accused of using church finance to run their activities, involving homoséxuals, secrecy, and fraud as well. He denied it to everyone, including the king and his minister, who witnessed the discussion.

However, to claim the truth, King Philip, who was already indebted to the Templars for the England War, decided to use this opportunity to end the debt by verifying the truth and taking the templars on arrest after the grand masters had confessed under great torture and beating.

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