Protests That Brought Change To The Entire World

Protests That Brought Change To The Entire World

Apart from political protests, there are protests that have changed the existence of man and the shape of the earth at large. Before now, here we were considering political protests that included decisive events.

In the civil rights movement, it has two histories that led to change in the movement. The medieval defiance of one man and others contributed to the change of the world.

The George Floyd Protest

It all started on May 26, 2020, in Minneapolis, after the killing of George Floyd, an African American man who was pinned by a police officer named Derek Chauvin.

His death led to a wide protest consisting of police brutality and institutional racism at large.

In all, the protest claimed the lives of 12 residents and a wide spread of police around the state to help cool the noise.

The March For Science

On April 22, 2017, an approximate number of 100, 000 residents of Washington D. C arose to celebrate science and promote making policy decisions using scientific evidence pointing to climate and public health and was inspired by the election of President Trump.

The Women’ s March On Washington

This has to do with the inauguration of President Trump on June 2, 2017, where he was accused of s*xual misconduct by a few women, and, as such, led these women to protest in support of women’ s rights and in opposition to misogynistic behavior.

Apart from that, they were able to gain support from other countries and within the state, with the largest women’ s march ever held in American history.

The Protestant Reformation

The protest was done in revenge and kicks of Martin Luther’ s reaction to the German church where he abused the belief of Catholicism. The movement led to the deaths of participants and torn cities apart.

The Storming Of The Bastile

It is the act that symbolizes the entire French Revolution and, indeed, was the major catalyst for the years- long rebellion against the crown. On the day of the protest, a large number of throngs of Parisians were sent to behead the Governor and to break up the prison.

Gandhi’ s Salt March

The salt march was in regard to British taxation and held for 23 days, including Mahatma Gandhi’ s journey to the coast of India to get his own share of salt, which was against the law. Aside that, he didn’ t make it alone, rather he was escorted by more than 60000 people, and as such caused an invasion of protest affecting the Indians rather than the British for the reason of issuing him his part.

The Boston Tea Party

The protests held during that period became a key hold for the American Revolution. The Tea party was a bitter reaction to the harsh British taxation act, when more than 150 colonists boarded a ship containing a tea party, able to cause the harbor to drop more than 24 tea drops into the water.

South African National Day Of Protest

As a result of Nelson Mandela’ s act, an ANC party organized as an anti- apart held a work stoppage in 1950, with the aim of passing a free and effective bill that could allow proper investigation of any political party by the government. Besides that, more than a thousand South Africans participated in it and could tag it as staying at home, and it ran as a freedom day in South Africa till 1994.

March On Washington

This has to do with the Martin Luther Declaration of equality shared among citizens of the United States and promoted at large. It all involves a peaceful gathering at the Lincoln Memorial in D. C. , in reference to the pressuring President John F. Kennedy to declare civil rights legislation for the people.

Tiananmen Square

This involved a protest among students in search of democratic reform held over two months and a week only to be cleaned by the Chinese military without achieving the purpose of the protest.

Aside the protests, there are many other protests that also impacted in the growth of the world, but are more peaceful, they are;

Sit- In ProtestsA sit- in protest is exactly what it sounds like. It’ s a kind of civil disobedience in which you sit in a public place to protest a specific action. This kind of protests happened when African Americans were denied service and asked to move, they sat in the white parts of a segregated lunch area in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1960. Sit- ins not only generate media attention, but they also generate sympathy.

Marches & Rallies: A march or rally is a non- violent protest where a group of individuals gathers with signs, posters and more providing information about their cause.

And many others like, Posters & Banners, Hunger Strike, Flag Burning, Riots, Looting & Vandalism, Bombing Protests etc. . .

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