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The word ” laughing” is a popular and well- known term used to describe a physical reaction consisting mainly of the spontaneous sound from the diaphragm alongside the movement of the face and body indicating a lively amusement.

Laughter is the best medicine. This is one of the popular sayings in the world today, as a lot of people believe that laughter goes a long way in easing depression, sadness, and anger, and it also helps in making horrible situations one might be passing through feel better. The importance of laughter in the world today is not a thing that has been emphasized just now but a long time ago.

Today we will be looking at the stories of three monks known as the Laughing Monks and why they were given the title ” Laughing Monks. ” But before then, who was the Monk?

Who Are The monks?

Monks, known and believed to consist mainly of men, are members of a particular religious community or group known as the Monastic community, who spend all their lives living in poverty, chastity, and absolute obedience.

Monks are known to live by themselves, with no women around, so they are completely sworn off women and marriage. One thing monks have in common and that is easily used to identify them is their shaved hair.

Monks are known to completely shave their hair as they believe that it is their own way of being faithful and completely devoted to humanity.

Monks are also known to dress in a certain way. Though monks all around the world might not wear the same color of outfit, they all dress in a skirt- like attire and completely or almost completely cover their top with a wide material that could either be yellow or oxblood.

The Story Of The Three Laughing Monks

The Three laughing monks were three Buddha monks who lived in China and were known to always laugh.

The story goes this way: In the streets of China, there lived three monks who were in the habit of going to different streets in China and laughing loudly for people to see.

At first, they were not taken seriously as people did not get the jerk of it, but in a few days’ time, it became known to people that these three monks would come to the same spot and begin to laugh.

In no distant time, they were able to gather a crowd of people who gathered just to watch them laugh and also laugh themselves. Unlike other monks who would teach or share words with people, these monks used laughter to spread their own teaching.

As they became more and more popular, people began asking them what their names were, but they never gave a response, and would just look at each other and keep on laughing.

Once they felt they had visited a place for a long time and had gained familiarity with the people, they would go to a different town and begin laughing again. It did not take long until they were widely recognized in different parts of China, and not just recognized but loved by the people of China.

Their laughter brought lots of happiness to those who were able to witness them and laugh, even if it was just for a few minutes, since they were going to respond to anyone who requested their names, they were then given the name, The Tree- laughing Monks, by the people of China.

The Death Of A Laughing Monk

As years passed, they grew more and more popular and respected by different people, as they would go to different places, including the market square, village and town just to laugh and infect people with their happiness and laughter. With time, they grew old, and after some years, one of the three monks died, leaving just two monks.

The death of this one laughing monk came as a great sadness to a great part of China, as the people of China had grown so fond of them and hearing that one laughing monk had passed on just saddened the hearts of many.

People came from all over China to sympathize with them and, hopefully, see them sad and crying or in a different mood than laughing, but this was not the case.

As people came with broken hearts and weeping, expecting to see the rest of the monks weeping, they met them laughing as usual. When they were asked why they were laughing rather than crying, they narrated about how they were in a competition to see who would die first, and luckily, the late monk won, and they were happy for his victory.

The late monk, before his death, requested that he not be bathed with the usual ceremonial bath and should not have his clothes changed, but rather be buried like that, as he was already purified from his laughter, and his wish was granted.

He was cremated, and history has it that during his ceremonial cremation, there were beautiful fireworks coming out of his clothes. It so happened that he hid fireworks in his clothes, and that was part of the reason he asked them not to bathe him or change his clothes.

These three monks were not movie stars or musicians, or politicians, or even influential people in China; rather, they were poor monks who touched the laughter of many through their laughter and happiness. Their simple and beautiful actions created a lot of impact on the world.

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