Revealed: Why Fela Kuti Was Imprisoned In 1984 And His Mother’s Death Over His Arrest

Revealed: Why Fela Kuti Was Imprisoned In 1984 And His Mother's Death Over His Arrest

Revealed: Why Fela Kuti Was Imprisoned In 1984 And His Mother's Death Over His Arrest

Kuti Fela is a Nigerian musician and songwriter who has harshly criticized corruption in Nigeria. He used the majority of his song career to work on Nigerian politicians and corrupt leaders, which amounted to a lot of references to him. By scrolling down, we can read much about why he was jailed.

A Brief History Of Kuti Fela

Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome- Kuti was born on October 15, 1938. He is also known as Abami Eda. A Nigerian who combined traditional Yoruba precausion and vocal style with American Funk and Jazz, built up a music band popularly known as one of Africa’ s most challenging and charismatic music performers, as well as an international voice for the people.

He was born in Ogun State, Nigeria into the Ransome Kuti family, a well- to- do family at that time. Moreover, the state of origin was occupied by the British during his birth and had raised his mother, Funmilayo Ramson Kuti, as an anti- colonial feminist. His father, Reverend Israel Oludotu Ransome Kuti, was an Anglican Church minister and also a school principal, alongside being the first president of the Nigerian Union of Teachers.

Kuti Fela was also a cousin of a well- known Nigerian novelist, Professor Wake Soyinka. In 1958, Fela Kuti attended Abeokuta Grammar School and was later sent to London to study medicine. While in London, he decided to join a music school at Trinity College of Music, where most of his passions were drawn from, including that of having a passion for the trumpet as his best instrument.

Fela Kuti Established His Band

With the interest he had in music and instruments, Fela Kuti then formed a band called Loola Labito, with which he played a fusion of JaZZ and highlife. Following his marriage in 1960, he then traveled down to Ghana in 1967 looking for a new musical direction.

He specialized in the combination of highlife music, Funk Jazz, Salsa, Calypso and traditional Yoruba music. Moving his band to the United States to continue displaying what he was best at. Kuti, still in the United States, found Sandra Izsadore, a partisan of the Black African party, from which he drew much of his strength and gained more popularity.

He, too, continued to investigate and discovered the reason for renaming his band African 70, even going so far as to have his music sung in Pigin English.

Kuti Caused His Mother’ s Death

While still performing his music, Kuti and his band decided to criticize Nigerian soldiers with the song ” Zombie” in 1977. This later led to his beating and the death of his aged mother, as she was thrown out of the house through a window by an unknown soldier during the Kuti Attack.

They also made sure Kuti was beaten heavily, only to be rescued by the help of a Nigerian commanding officer. Kuti, who wanted to show the world how painful his mother’ s death had caused him, decided, even after most of his instruments were born, to deliver the coffin at the Dodan Barracks in Lagos to prove that she was killed by the military.

He also released two songs in respect of that title coffin for the head of state and an unknown soldier. However, according to the historical record of Kiti Fela’ s marriage life, he married approximately 27 women, all of whom were recorded to have worked for him.

Kuti Fela Formed His Political Party

Notwithstanding, seeing all that the government had installed against him and his mother’ s death, Kuti, on his part, decided to form his political movement in 1987, called the Movement of the People, in order to get revenge and clear most of the issues that had been raised by the government in society before he failed as a result of being overpowered by the existing government of the state.

While the election was on, he nominated himself as the party candidate to win the presidential election of 1980. Here he failed. He then decided to switch back to his dropped career, music, and this time it was the use of a new band named Egypt 80, with the belief that all that had to do with the Egyptians, as part of their religion, phylosophy, and other aspects of creativity, contributed to their being an African country. He didn’ t stop there, but decided that Egypt was worth being associated with other African countries.

Kuti Fela Is In Jail For Currency Smuggling

As he became more acquainted with the Egyptian people, he began to incorporate many of their activities into Nigerian life, and he also increased the assault on Nigerian political interests among the people.

In 1984, Kuti was jailed by General Muhammadu Buhari for currency smuggling and was released during the military leadership of Ibrahim Banbagidan. His charge was denied by Anesty International, who took his case as a fight for human rights. Upon his release, he drove his remaining 12 wives out.

The Aftermath Life Of Kuti Fela

After Kuti’ s release and the continuation of his band, he was arrested along with his members on the charges of having committed the murder of a Nigerian electrician, though it sounded like a rumour, on January 21, 1993, before he underwent illness that led to his death on August 3, 1997, as an Aids denialist, while his son continued with the band till date.

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