Revealed: True Story Of How Gaddafi Was Killed

How Gaddafi Was Killed

With the full name Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar al- Gaddafi, the true story of Gaddafi’ s death is traced to his early life activities while born near Qasr Abu Hadi, which is a rural area outside the town of Sirte in the deserts of Tripolitania, western Libya.

He is from a small territory tribe with a heritage of Arabized Berbers whose parents were Mohammad Abdul Salam Bin, popularly known as Menier, and Aisha Bin Nira.

Despite being a Muslim, her mother was a Jew before converting to Islam. They lived their entire lives as shepherds of both goats and cattle. Gaddafi’ s birth date is unknown due to the fact that he was fathered by an illiterate parent who had no knowledge of his birth record, and he was assisted by a biographer in establishing his birthday as 7 June 1942 or early 1943, as well as being his parents’ only son.

Being brought up from the desert, Gaddafi could see life as a wild being and, at the same time, treat humans as what he believed to be his encounters while staying in the desert. Being from Libya, Gaddafi had knowledge of the previous war between the British and Italy, as well as a belief that his grandfather was killed during the war.

Gaddafi’ s Educational Life

Gaddafi’ s early education was all through a religious aspect known as ” Islamic impartation, ” imparted by a local Islamic teacher before landing in the elementary grade near Sirte.

Despite the fact that education in Libya wasn’ t free, his parents still paved the way for his success in the elementary line of education. At this point, Gaddafi had to be in school all through school days while he slept at the mosque after dismissal as a result of not being able to care for his welfare in full rather than get a better education while struggling.

However, Gaddafi was often beaten for being Bedouin, yet he was often proud of his identity and encouraged pride in other Bedouin children. He became very popular in his school during his educational days, with most of his friends making a big catch of a water job during his leadership as president of Libya.

As a result of that, he was once thought to have the idea of having a coup since he needed to create a revolution in Libya that was backed up by an Egyptian teacher, Mahmoud Efay, who, as a result, made his first protest in October 1961, criticizing the monarchy system of government there in Libya.

Gaddafi’ s Military And Political Train

While he was being bullied for being a Bedouin and protesting over the monarchy system of leadership in Libya, he had attended several police arrests but didn’ t stop his military pursuit in 1963, first held at the Royal Military Academy in Benghazi and majorly trained and instructed by British leaders.

Gaddafi, who had earlier hated the British, never seemed to be controlled by a British army and, at the end, by a rude army as well as not being able to learn English, which was a general British language and ultimately failed his exams. Later, he learnt the language after being assigned as the communications officer in the army signal corps in August 1965.

Gaddafi’ s Death

After the fall of Tripoli to forces of the national Transitional Council in August 2011, earlier stated that the stubborn Libya leader made a narrow escape with his family into an unknown area, but was rumored to have been covered in the South of Libya in a small convoy led by his son, which was openly exposed by his prime minster.

At this point, the TNC made open claim of Gaddafi’ s home town in order to easily access his execution. At this point, the fact that his troops were made as strong as he was with strong equipped armies, which he had hidden in several buildings there in Sirte for months.

Gaddafi’ s death had a record beginning with the capture of his security chief, Mansour Dhao, along with groups of armies when trying to escape the pipe on August 20, 2011. They were captured shortly after NATO had enquired about Gaddafi’ s phone call through the satellite set to monitor his activities.

At this point, the NATO aircraft began their battle by making rid of 21 vehicles occupied by Gaddafi’ s loyal armies using missiles and bombing around Gaddafi’ s hiding place.

However, NATO insisted on helping Libya’ s country to take hold of Gaddafi’ s. Above all, Gaddafi’ s execution was accomplished immediately after the death of his warrant armies in the vehicle fire. He had taken refuge in a large drainage pipe along with his son, whom he could boldly trust to be his cupbear.

There at the pipe, the NTC fighter opened fire, leading to his death after obtaining several wounds. He was a total fighter for his country, avoiding being captured by the NTC fighters, which could have led to public disgrace and assault.

Before his death, he was ordered by some groups of Libyan rebels who ordered him to come out of the pipe as they continued.

In conclusion, Gaddafi wasn’ t really killed by the NTC fighters, rather his own army led his execution in order not to be captured alive.

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