Sad: How The Happiest Prisoner, Joe Arridy Was Sentenced To Death

Sad: How The Happiest Prisoner, Joe Arridy Was Sentenced To Death

Joe Arridy was an American man born on April 29th, 1915. He was said to be forcefully convicted of r*ping a 15- year- old girl in Pueblo, Colorado, named Dorathy Drain, though he had a track record of mental disorder and, as a result, gave the police easy access to convict him of the murder.

Nevertheless, Joe was the surviving son of Henry and Mary Arridy, immigrants from Syria who were seeking work.

Furthermore, Arridy’ s speech was limited to a certain number of words, and as a result, his educational learning ability was hampered; his principal advised his parents to keep him at home rather than wasting money trying to impart knowledge on him. His parents were sure of his sluggishness in learning. They tried to get him a job to keep him busy as they watched his improvement.

However, this was where his mental disorder was widely noted by his parents, as well as admitting him into a state home and training school for mental defectives in Grand Junction, Colorado. He was unsteady in school as a result of several mockeries perpetrated on him by his friend and loved one. He then left the school and planned to leave the city, where he ended up in the rail yards of Cheyenne, Wyoming, in late August 1936.

Arridy’ s Involvement In The Murder Case

After a short run, Arridy was involved in the murder after an attack to a lovely family in August 1936, Arridy was accused of r*ping two sisters, Dorathy and Barbara, a 15- year old girl, was bitterly r*ped along with her 12- year old sister by an intruder in Pueblo, Colorado. Dorathy was not able to withstand the shock and died after the r*pe, while her sister survived. An investigation by the county Sheriff into the intruder was carried on as Arridy was found wandering around the rail yards.

The Victim Of Circumstance

During the investigation, numerous witnesses to Arridy’ s perplexed demeanor around the city revealed that he had traveled through Pueblo with a train after leaving Grand Junction Colorado on the day of the incident.

However, he was arrested after the circulation of his thoughts, as he began to answer questions regarding the r*pe of Dorathy and her sister. Before his arrest, a witness reported that Arridy confessed to him that he had an idea about the r*pe issue. This got to the hearing of the police, who held a man believed to be the suspect, Frank Aguilar, a laborer from Mexico believed to have known about the r*pe.

Well, Auther was once a laborer for the girl’ s father shortly before the attack, which might have created some kind of false look on the girl because of his labor with the Drain family. With the axe found on him, he was believed to know this, but not until Sherif Carroll claimed that Arridy told him several of his close relationships with Frank, and at the same time, that he was the one who performed the act rather than Frank.

The police, however, saw Carroll’ s information as so interesting that they had to get hold of Arridy. Even though Frank confessed not to having known nor seeing him, his innocence wasn’ t clear until he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Arridy caused his execution when he accepted the false conviction by the police.

His layer persuaded Arridy, who had lived with a mental disorder, to allow the police easy access to hold him responsible for Dorothy’ s death, as well as her r*pe and Arridy was initially caught while suing in court to claim his innocence with the help of his friends.

Despite being mentally disordered, Arridy’ s group of friends believed him to be innocent of the crime or charges against him. At this point, his lawyer met a peak of success when Arridy’ s state of insanity was broadly tested by three psychiatrists and proved to be an imbecile. Aside from being an imbecile, Arridy was said to have possessed a little child’ s mind where he couldn’ t distinguish between his left and right.

Therefore, he would be unable to commit such a crime, yet he had already accepted the fact of being responsible for the death. Whereby, he died as a result of being falsely convicted by the police rather than his wiliness in accepting the fact.

The Act Of The Happiest Prisoner

Finally, there was no physical evidence of his involvement or his presence, but Baraba, the victim, testified that Frank was present during the attack because he worked for her father.

While awaiting his execution, it was stated that Arridy often played and had fun with a train toy given to him by the prison warden. Arridy remained happy all through the prison, even to the point of his death through the use of a gas chamber.

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