Sad Year: The Worst Nuclear Disaster That Moved Over 200, 000 Away From Home

The Worst Nuclear Disaster T

Ever been in a stuffy apartment before where the room or environment is occupied with bad air and you start coughing and looking for an escape from that said environment?

With that in mind, imagine what it would feel like to have the whole atmosphere of a place completely polluted with deadly air or harmful substances where you can barely breathe and not escape because there will be no safe place to go to. That is what nuclear disasters feel like, or even worse.

Today, however, we are going to look at the worst nuclear disaster in history and why it has been referred to as the worst in history.

What Is A Nuclear Disaster?

We should get a perfect picture or understanding of what a nuclear disaster is and how harmful it is.

A Nuclear Disaster refers to a situation where the environment is polluted accidentally with nuclear radioactive elements in the form of particles by nuclear facilities.

These radioactive elements, a few seconds after being released into the atmosphere, begin to cause dizziness, nausea, disorientation, and vomiting in people who are infected by the said elements.

The Worst Disaster Ever Recorded

It was occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine on the 26th of April in the year 1986. It was gathered that on that very faithful day, a nuclear facility called unit 4 allegedly exploded and was destroyed by a terrible fire caused by power during a reactor system test.

According to reports, the Chernobyl Disaster was a disaster caused by the negligence and ignorance of the workers who were present on the day of the disaster.

It so happened that on the 2nd of April that year, that faithful day, a test where plant equipment was able to provide adequate electrical power required to power a certain operator was mostly used for cooling down the system during a transition period.

The workers on duty at that time were responsible for making sure all proper and normal precautions for the above test were in place, which they failed woefully at.

The Explosion And People’ s Reactions?

When the test was conducted and the required alert operators and precautions were not put in place, a sudden power surge resulted in a wide explosion and fire outbreak that almost destroyed the reactor.

This explosion caused lots of destruction and deformity amongst the humans and animals living in the area at that time.

Seeing how terrible the effect was, an average of about 200, 000 people were said to have moved away from Chernobyl, abandoning their homes to start their lives afresh.

This nuclear disaster was indeed one of the worst to have taken place in the world’ s history and, seeing how much destruction it caused, we never hope to ever experience such again.

However, the horrible disaster created a very long negative effect to Ukrainian. According to Wikipedia, ” The disaster caused approximately 125, 000 mi2 of land across the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia to be exposed to radiation. The amount of focused radiation caused severe damage to plant reproduction- resulting in most plants being unable to reproduce for a minimum of three years. “

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