Secret In The Files: What Pope Pius Knows About The Killings Of Jews (Holocaust)

Killings Of Jews

Holocaust is a word known to be associated with death and genocide, so automatically, nothing good can ever come out of that, now we all remember the tragic case of the Holocaust whose event spread like wide Fire globally and how bad it was, well today, we are going to be answering the big question, what did pope Pius know about this said Holocaust but first, let’ s have a look at the Holocaust and who Pope Pius was.

What Is The Holocaust?

Known to have started around 1941 and ended on the 8th of May 1945, the Holocaust, also commonly referred to as The Shoah, was a period during the Second World War where Jews living in Europe were massively massacred by the Nazis Germans. According to reports, there was a recorded number of about six million Jews that were killed between 1941, when it began, and 1945, when it ended. During this Genocide, Jews were confirmed to have been killed by the Germans through mass shootings and pogroms. This was done with the aim of trying to clean out the ethnicity of the Jews.

Who Was Pope Pius?

Pope Pius XII was most famous on March 2nd, 1939, when he was declared head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Vatican City. He ruled as the head of the Catholic Church for years until his death at age 82 on the 9th of October 1958. Pope Pius, unlike most evil popes, was considered to be a good and caring leader who looked out for people in general as long as they needed his help.

Before attaining the position of ruler of the Vatican City and head of the Catholic Church, he once occupied the positions of Cardinal Secretary of State, secretary of the Department of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical affairs, and secretary to the papal nuncio to Germany.

Secret Files Opened To Show What Pope Pius Knew About The Holocaust

The Holocaust, as we have already seen, was a really sad and tragic event during that time, especially for the Jews. The Jews became outcasts and were killed in mass once spotted. In light of this, there were protests and rallies conducted to help end the terrible Holocaust spearheaded by Adolf Hitler and the Germans. But during the rally and protest,

Pope Pius Xll remained silent and wouldn’ t say anything about the ongoing Holocaust or even act.

This caused lots of tongues to wag as a lot of people felt his words would have gone a long way in helping to put an end to these horrible events that were going on, but he didn’ t.

After so many years of the Pope’ s death and after the end of the Holocaust in 1945, the Secret Archives of the Roman Catholic Church were just recently opened by the authority of Pope Francis and the Papacy of Pope Pius XII.

What Pope Pius Secretly Did To The People Of Israel

In the records, it was shown that Pope Pius was indeed a good humanitarian, as he claimed, and was a deep lover of humanity, as he portrayed himself to be. In the secret files, it was recorded that Pope Pius hid about 1000 Jews in a Catholic church from the Germans during the Holocaust. He also had records of feeding them and making sure they were away from harm’ s way.

He further flew other Jews out of Europe and ensured they had a safe passage and were as far away from the Germans as possible.

Though, after Pius applied diplomacy to aid the victims of the Nazis during the war as he was also directed his Church to provide discreet aid to Jews and others that saved thousands lives. He was strongest condemned by the public and was considered inadequate by the Allied Powers, while the Nazis viewed him as an Allied sympathizer who had dishonoured his policy of Vatican neutrality.

Secret In The Files

Everyone knows about the Holocaust and at that time, including the Vatican City. And even though up until this very moment, we are unable to say the main reason why Pope Pius decided not to publicly speak against the Nazi Germans killing the Jews or talk about the help he rendered to them during that period, it is now open to the public that the late Pope Pius XII was indeed a true leader and a man with a good heart.

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